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Not in My Castle
Not in My Castle
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Author(s): Calcagno, Robert
ISBN No.: 9780595296866
Pages: 172
Year: 200312
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £14.39
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

Tom Morgan had ambitions of becoming a United States Senator. Having graduated from Maryland University, law school at Harvard University was the next step to achieving his prestigious goal. Tom knew that admission to Harvard would be very completive, thus he felt that becoming a senate aide could greatly enhance his chances for admission. He achieved the position, but at what price? Tom discovers that the senior senator he works for, along with the President of the United States, received contributions from the top union leader of the American Federated Trucker's Union, effectively selling their souls to the union. As pay back for their contributions, they created a scheme to assist the union. A victim of the scheme, Eric Wagner, a competitor with the union, ultimately was forced to defend himself through an emotional trial. Tom Morgan innocently got involved in the scheme, and learned the tough game of politics, thereby causing him to question his future career.

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