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The Chronicles of Cormac : Lord of the Wolves
The Chronicles of Cormac : Lord of the Wolves
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Author(s): Elliott-Davey, Malcolm
ISBN No.: 9781615461349
Pages: 188
Year: 200908
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £19.58
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

There was a time shrouded in mist and legend, where Cormac, a young Viking warrior from Asgard, had insulted the gods and was banished and forced to rule over a barren land, where his only subjects were wolves. He would constantly be attacked by the demons that plagued the land, until one day he would be offered clemency. His quest would take him across the sea to a strange place where he would have to find the Goddess Rowena and convince her to return to Asgard. Meeting new friends along the way was easy, making enemies was easier.

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