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The High Rollers
The High Rollers
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Author(s): Miller, Emmitt
ISBN No.: 9780977108220
Year: 200512
Format: Perfect (Trade Paper)
Price: £8.90
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

The door was closed but it wasn't locked. I eased the door open and looked in. The room was dark. No one was there. I took a deep breath and eased it out. There was a trail of blood spots on the marble floor and a smear of blood on the white wall near the big bar. Tommy and I were looking at the trail of blood leading to one of the bedrooms. Tommy leaned his ear to the door long enough to hear that someone was in the room and he looked at me to see if I was ready before we rushed in.

Moaning sounds were coming from a person on the floor, face down, gun in hand. Welcome to Uncle Emmitt's world, a fast-paced world of cocaine, girls, and fast cars, but also betrayal, danger, and death. From poverty in Watts to luxury in Bel Air, Emmitt Miller takes you through his life, his loves, his crimes. You'll meet Lil Tommy, a major cocaine distributor, and Uncle Emmitt's partner, who has a taste for expensive, fast cars. Then there's Black Dan, head of drugs, girls, and gambling in Detroit. But it is the women who are especially unforgettable, from the sultry twins to the sexy Barbara to Emmitt's beautiful, loyal wife Rose. As Emmitt and Tommy conduct their business, visit their women, and drive their fast cars, the DEA is stepping up its surveillance and slowly closing in on their operation. Will Emmitt and Tommy lose everything, or will they evade capture and continue being high rollers? "The High Rollers" will grab you from the very first sentence and will not let you go until the final word.

Book jacket.

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