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Millennial Reign
Millennial Reign
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Author(s): Conte, Craig
ISBN No.: 9780595524679
Pages: 388
Year: 200807
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £18.29
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Status: Available (Active record)

The Tribulation Wars are over. The Messiah has come to earth and has transformed the planet into a Garden of Eden. The world embarks upon a new age of peace and prosperity, but there is trouble within the Kingdom. A new leader rises to power and challenges the King's authority. He leads many astray and starts a new Republic up north. Other factions also venture out and settle new lands abroad. Some territories remain faithful to the King while other nations form a coalition with the Republic. Ultimately a line is drawn in the sand that brings about cataclysmic events.

Who will prevail? Who will overcome? Find out in Conte's page turning thriller of Millennial Reign . Craig Conte writes his best novel to date in Millennial Reign . The characters embark upon a series of journeys and ordeals. Some fall in love. Others have their lives torn asunder, but most struggle through the highs and lows of living for a thousand years during the Kingdom Age.

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