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Tales of A Woman's Struggle
Tales of A Woman's Struggle
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Author(s): Newton, Josephine Rose
ISBN No.: 9781449705060
Pages: 204
Year: 201011
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £11.76
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

Tales of a Woman's Struggle Josephine Rose Newton Trials and tribulations come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are dealing with unexpected pregnancy, divorce of the death of a family member, you will find solace in Josephine Rose Newton's book Tales of a Woman's Struggle. Her fabulous characters are well-crafted and really speak to the distresses women encounter in their lives. Women face unique struggles with which men do not relate. While men feel pain during divorces or the deaths of loved ones, they cannot understand exactly what women are going through in similar situations. Newton's short stories are touching and every woman can find a little of herself in each character. The characters are like ourselves, our mothers, our aunts and our best friends each calling out for understanding and empathy. Newton's writing style is easy to read, which makes it easy to open the heart.

You may be a "Nora" who has been faithful her entire life, but is crippled by loss. You could be a "Jill" who seems to face multiple trials and is unable to see where her life will lead. You may even be a "Lily" who always thought her life would be something that never panned out. Each character has her faith tested in different ways, but in the end finds her strength in her walk with God. Faith is tried over and over again, when we think we are finally through, we find there is another test waiting for us. No matter what test of faith you are experiencing, in Tales of a Woman's Struggle, you will find one of these artfully crafted characters with whom you can identify. We women understand how important it is to be strong for our families and Newton's book is the perfect place to strengthen and recharge your faith. Whether you read the book to energize your own faith or give it to a woman you love, you will not be disappointed by Newton's short story collection.

Todd Rutherford

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