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Nadim Karam : Urban Fluids
Nadim Karam : Urban Fluids
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Author(s): Karam, Nadim
Kaya, Karam
ISBN No.: 9788857217093
Pages: 208
Year: 201309
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £50.29
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

A complete monograph on an acclaimed architect, sculptor and urban artist from Beirut. Nadim Karam is an innovative Middle Eastern voice telling stories of life, war, dreams and the human condition. He has made large-scale urban art projects for cities including Beirut, Prague, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, and has taught at the University of Tokyo and the American University of Beirut. He has exhibited his works in the Liverpool, Kwangju Art and the Venice Architecture Biennales, and regularly gives lectures at universities and international conferences worldwide. This book is a vital collection of Karams vast array of work. Shaped by his innate tragi-comic sense of story-telling, his architectural studies in Japan and Lebanese cultural background, Karams paintings and sculptures take us into a whimsical land of absurdity which makes even his most serious, darkest messages palatable. Clouds and Smoke presents both the work and a view into the thoughts of this pivotal twentyfirst-century artist. Coming as he does from a region where allegiance to symbols has long been a basis for fanaticism and conflict, Karams rich vocabulary of forms both creates a fragmentation of ideas and generates a multiplicity of stories that are open to interpretation.

One of the rare contemporary artists comfortable on a huge urban scale, Karams urban projects reveal his transcendent stance between the worlds of art and architecture. Whether it be through small or large scale sculptures, paintings or sketches, Karams works are engaging, humorous and provocative; an artistic combat against terrorism in the city and the stultifying routines of urban life.

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