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  • Eternal Temptation
    by Anonymous

    For a second time, we take a look at what becomes an immortal, and the blood it
    must bathe in. Timeless illustrations by such artists as Arantza, Tomas
    Giorello, Fastner & Larson, Pelaez, Mitch Byrd, Sanjulian, and many others.
    Eternal Temptation
  • The Runaway Skyscraper
    by Leinster, Murray

    "I don't know how I'm going to say it so you'll understand, but time is just as
    much a dimension as length and breadth." He frowned. He wanted to talk about
    Wells's "Time Machine" but he knew that'd be no use -- these folks didn't read
    that sort of thing. "If the earth had settled down, we'd have been lower. If it
    had settled to one side, we'd have been moved one way or another, but as it's
    settled back in the Fourth Dimension, we're going back in time." "Then --"
    "We're in a runaway skyscraper, bound for some time back before the discovery of
    The Runaway Skyscraper
  • The Cat Who Sang for the Birds
    by Braun, Lilian Jackson

    In this delightful new novel featuring Jim Qwilleran and his lovable cats, Koko
    and Yum Yum, the rites of spring are celebrated with the fine art of birdcalling
    and a fateful act of murder. It seems that this spring, a cat's fancy may turn
    to crime-solving. A LG and Mystery Guild selection.
    The Cat Who Sang for the Birds
  • Workhouse Lass
    by Horne, Una

    A warm-hearted saga set in the North East - Lottie is just three years old when
    her mammy dies and she is sent to the workhouse. Just thirteen when a job is
    found for her looking after a miner’s family. And still a mere lass when
    she runs away. A childhood spent in poverty has left no opportunity for
    education. Yet when a kindly Methodist preacher offers adult literacy classes,
    Lottie seizes her chance – and a new door opens.
    Workhouse Lass
  • The Floating Island
    by Ralph, Anna

    It's almost a year since fifteen-year-old Matt and his younger brother, Tom,
    rowed out to the island. Matt, confined to a wheelchair and haunted by
    nightmares, can't remember what happened. Nor does he want to. Only when Sarah
    Bell, a tough, Geordie girl with a no-nonsense approach, takes up the newly
    vacant position of Matt's carer, do things begin to change for him. As the
    floating island returns to the surface of the lake, Matt is forced to confront
    the truth about his brother's death, but also, unknowingly, exposes him to an
    adult world of passion, guilt, and betrayal.
    The Floating Island
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