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  • The Splits
    by Gordon, Ray

    When beautiful Suzanne Millington finds out that,her husband has been cheating
    on her throughout,the entire three years of their marriage, she,becomes a woman
    possessed. Divorcing Jim isn't,vengeance enough: she wants revenge on
    marriage,itself. Suzanne decides to prey on men's notorious,weakness by luring
    her female friends',unsuspecting husbands into bed. But this is just,the start
    of Suzanne's crusade of lust. Before,long, she is venturing into areas of sexual
    excess,that will plunge her and her partners into,exciting and bizarre new
    realms of sensation.
    The Splits
  • Immortal Rain
    by Ozaki, Kaori

    For centuries, the eternal Rain Jewlitt has escaped attacks from assassins and
    bounty hunters who want to uncover his timeless secret. One of his pursuers, the
    Grim Reaper Zol, lost his life while attempting to kill Rain. In the wake of
    Zol's death, his 14-year-old granddaughter Machika vows to avenge her
    grandfather's death and put an end to Rain's immortality - but she soon realizes
    that the thin line between love and hate just might last forever ...
    Immortal Rain
  • Dinosaur Valley Girls : Beauties and the Beasts: the Novel
    by Glut, Donald F.

    Donald F. Glut is a writer, editor, film maker, and director. His authorship
    covers fields as varied as the history of the Mesozoic era in his acclaimed
    book, Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, through science fiction including the
    best-selling novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. He is the director and
    co-producer of DVG (as it is known to affectionados) and conceived the story
    line, wrote the screen play and now, at last, has provided the novelization of
    this cult classic.
    Dinosaur Valley Girls : Beauties and the Beasts: the Novel
  • Turn of Mind
    by LaPlante, Alice

    Alice LaPlante is an award-winning writer of both fiction and nonfiction. She
    teaches creative writing at Stanford University, where she was a Wallace Stegner
    Fellow and Jones Lecturer. She also teaches in the MFA program at San Francisco
    State University. Her fiction has been widely published in Epoch, Southwestern
    Review, and other literary journals. LaPlante is the author of five books,
    including the Los Angeles Times best seller, Method and Madness: The Making of a
    Story. She lives with her family in Northern California.
    Turn of Mind
  • Footnotes to Sex
    by Farlane, Mia

    My name is May Woodlea and I am writing hoping to begin writing my PhD the
    proposal for my PhD. Very soon. Soon. My name is May Woodlea and I have failed
    to achieve anything of significance with my life. May Woodlea is the 3 a.m.
    failure in us all. She is not writing the proposal for her PhD. She lives in a
    grotty bedsit with her long-suffering partner Jansen. She is plagued by her
    unforgivably cheerful younger sister Elizabeth. How will May find purpose in her
    life and escape the daily grind? Can May and Jansen rescue their relationship
    from a seeming eternity of grudge-holding, competitive tiredness, imagined
    slights and absolutely no sex? And what will happen when a glamorous,
    domineering French writer and an old flame of Jansen's come on the scene?
    Footnotes to Sex is a painfully funny novel about procrastination,
    double-chocolate biscuits, the importance of commitment and what happens in
    relationships when the sex isn't happening . . . 'A smart, funny and acutely
    observed dissection of modern love' Stella Duffy
    Footnotes to Sex
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