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  • Gobseck
    by Balzac, Honoré de

    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and
    before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing
    these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the
    original text and artwork.
  • The Seven Realms of Darkness : The Stage Is Set
    by King, Irving Walter

    On the way to work, Carl’s ordinary life takes a wild change into an adventure
    that will change him forever. During his journey, he encounters many twists and
    turns, with the decisions he makes effecting the very fabric of existence for
    all creation. Befriended by a strange and mysterious creature, Carl realizes
    that in fact his journey does have a purpose, a goal that will either bring him
    closer to home, or to the very depths of Hell itself.
    The Seven Realms of Darkness : The Stage Is Set
  • Deception Pass : Limited Family Edition
    by Wood, Ed

    Deception Pass describes the quest for justice following a multiple vehicular
    homicide and vehicular assault. The maneuvers leading up to and including the
    courtroom drama depict the tragic legal realities in a state that has not yet
    enacted per se laws that define driving under the influence of drugs. A novel
    based on an actual court case.
    Deception Pass : Limited Family Edition
  • The Devil of Harbor City
    by Wild Cat Books Staff

    THE DEVIL OF HARBOR CITY by John L. French... Hard-Boiled Crime Noir!... It was
    a different time... A time when mob rule had replaced the law, a time when
    justice could be bought and sold, a time when the city was governed from the
    shadows... It was also a time when one man could make a difference. A man of
    courage and determination, a man willing to do whatever it took in order to make
    things right... Frank Devlin could save the city, but at what cost? His life –
    or his soul?
    The Devil of Harbor City
  • A New Year. A New Life
    by McKnight, Tanae C.

    Journey with Stanley as he seeks to remove the "junk" from his life--not just in
    the literal sense of removing physical clutter, but from the spiritual aspect of
    the trash that would hinder a godly walk with the Lord. His conversion leads to
    his approaching life with a sense of wanting to live in such a way as to glorify
    his Creator. His adventures and those of the people around him challenge him to
    step away from his previous measures of decision making and encompass a faithful
    working of God's will for these situations. From "climbing" to a higher
    spiritual worth to reminiscing on a meaningful relationship, a year of Stanley's
    life is filled with jaunts down the road to living life as God would have His
    children to do.
    A New Year. A New Life
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