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  • The Primates of Woodpeck Ridge and Other Ramblings
    by Anonymous

    Where on earth is Woodpeck? Who on earth would ever write a story about it? We
    grew up in Sullivan, just a stone’s throw from Woodpeck, West Virginia. In
    those early years, the steep, rugged terrain and virtual isolation of coal camp
    living inspired countless hours of exploration, hide-and-seek, and experiences
    that helped cultivate a couple of very vivid imaginations. Children of the
    ’50s and ’60s, challenged to find ways to amuse ourselves in that remote
    place apart from mainstream society, we discovered that storytelling fit the
    bill. In fact, storytelling in our family runs back as far as we can trace our
    roots. We are the first, however, to publish our work. After more than fifty
    years of writing, we finally decided to share the family tradition with you.
    This book is just the beginning of our collection. Master’s degrees
    notwithstanding, from Elmer’s fourth-grade play, to Carol’s tailored stories
    for friends at Stoco Junior High, to stories and poems submitted to small, local
    newspapers, this is our biggest, boldest step. It is now that we offer something
    more permanent for our progeny; hence, The Primates of Woodpeck Ridge and Other
    Ramblings. Be amused. Be very amused.
    The Primates of Woodpeck Ridge and Other Ramblings
  • Lavender in Laguna : An Art Mystery
    by Baron, Hyacinthe

    Welcome to the ride of a lifetime! Join the Barons and you too can play art
    detectives to solve another art mystery. Another innovative and brilliant Art
    Mystery: 90% Memoir, 10% fiction and 100% Great Story! Original Book Cover Art
    by Hyacinthe Kuller Baron. An artist's pallete evokes hues and clues to solve
    the Art Mystery with a twist! The Barons can take their revenge as they search
    for God and religion in the resort art community of Laguna Beach, CA, the scene
    of art festivals and bizarre cult murders. Does a mysterious plant that grows
    only every 13 years in Hawaii hold the secret to the murders of an old woman and
    a beautiful model? What is the role of an Evangelical priest and a powerful cult
    leader? Like a hologram this multi-layered mystery will astound! Website:
    Lavender in Laguna : An Art Mystery
  • A Glastonbury Romance
    by Powys, John Cowper

    This book provides practical guidance on how to organise and mobilise effective
    job networks, prospect for new job leads, write effective networking letters,
    and conduct informative interviews. Examines 29 major employment changes; why
    you should focus on the hidden job market; networking mistakes; effective cold
    calling techniques; the 5R's of information interviews; when and how to use new
    electronic networks. The first book to include interpersonal, telephone, and
    electronic networking together.
    A Glastonbury Romance
  • The Implacable Sicilian
    by Villalba, Geraldine D.

    The Implacable Sicilian, a fictional tale, unfolds in a background of intrigue
    and family connections. Don Guido Barbieri, Sergio¿s papa is a man of honor, a
    capocosca in a small town near Palermo. Rivalry with a cosca near Bagheria
    foreshadows the dire beginning of tragic events.
    The Implacable Sicilian
  • Treasure Hunters
    by Smith, Jeff

    Praise for the Bone series Named one of the top ten graphic novels of all time
    by Time "Spectacular." -- Spin magazine "One of the best kids' comics ever." --
    VIBE magazine "Jeff Smith's Bone series . . . is a true accomplishment. Not only
    is it a terrific graphic-novel series, but it's a superb example of
    storytelling." -- School Library Journal "Bone is storytelling at its best, full
    of endearing, flawed characters whose adventures run the gamut from hilarious
    whimsy to thrilling drama." -- Entertainment Weekly
    Treasure Hunters
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