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  • Relationships (Jogajog) : Rabindranath Tagore
    by Anonymous

    This is the fifth volume within the Oxford India Translations series, and this
    time it is a novel, written nearly eight years ago by Rabindranath Tagore,
    representing a society which existed some hundred years ago. The novel is a
    self-evaluation of the Bengali bourgeoisie, and an analysis of human relations
    and personalities.
    Relationships (Jogajog) : Rabindranath Tagore
  • The Web of Stone
    by Williams, M. B.

    When Marty Von Josef, an out-of-work fisherman tries to win back the affection
    of his former girlfriend, Anna Strauss, he is up against a formidable adversary.
    Flynn O'Malley is every man's man: rich, powerful, connected and handsome;
    everything Marty is not. But, when Flynn's temper puts Anna in the hospital
    Marty whisks her away from her Long Island home to her parent's cottage on
    Shelter Island to rethink, in solitude, her relationship with Flynn and
    hopefully her feelings for him. That is when the violence truly begins. A
    drifter with a taste for blood and unthinkable acts of torture has wandered into
    the Shelter Island community. One by one he methodically murders anyone who gets
    in his path, growing stronger and bolder with each killing; then he sees Anna
    Strauss as she boards the ferry for Shelter Island. He has an eye for weakness
    and sees that weakness in Anna. Now she is the target of his hideous games.
    However, alone, she cannot find a way to get away from the control he has over
    her. It is now up to Marty to find her and keep her from the violence of Flynn
    and the evil of the drifter, Fialko Stone.
    The Web of Stone
  • Tales from Shadows
    by Clinton, Chris

    Follow the multiple tales of lives past, intertwined in the present by one
    common denominator. One of these lives past is a young man who's spirit is bound
    by anger toward his father to the point of insistent vengeance. A second of
    these lives past is a life-long nanny who, in a desperate moment of survival,
    murders her husband, then takes her own life. Also, a young colored man, so
    drenched in hatred toward the white man for murdering him, his wife and their
    baby, simply for their inter-racial union, takes methodical steps to assure
    revenge, using the body of a living white man. Journey into a world where
    nothing is as it seems. To many of the living, this world does not exist and yet
    it is still there. Not believing does not manipulate the truth, or does it?
    Tales from Shadows
  • Dark Minds
    by Byng, Stuart

    Dark Minds is about the power of the mind. It begins with the Parish family
    moving into a new home, in a seemingly quiet english village.As we move on, we
    learn that all is not as it seems in Redwell. There are dark forces at work.The
    family begin to struggle with the odd happenings. Only with the help of another
    powerful force are they able to make sense of their situation.Finally, there is
    the confrontation of these forces which will leave no-one concerned quite the
    same again....
    Dark Minds
  • Capitol Calling
    by Applegate, David

    Debbie Wallace is an inspiring young lawyer who has achieved everything she ever
    wantedexcept being Michael Corman's wife. Michael's father is the most
    influential senator on Capitol Hill. When he announces his retirement, Michael
    is sure to win his seat and continue his liberal legacy. That is, until Debbie
    meets a Christian who shows her that God has a special purpose for her life.
    Capitol Calling
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