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  • The Fugitive Hour
    by Nash, John

    While flying over Cape York in 1968, bush pilot Jim McDonnell, discovers more
    than the wreckage of a World War II aircraft. He discovers the scene of an
    apparent murder. His subsequent investigation into the history of the aircraft
    and its crew draws him into an unfamiliar and dangerous world of drugs and crime
    that endangers his life and the lives of his closest associates. The story
    alternates between the actions of those involved in the WWII criminal activities
    and McDonnell’s investigations and culminates in a thrilling conclusion with
    the perpetrators of the wartime crime making a desperate attempt to escape
    The Fugitive Hour
  • The Extraordinary Travels of John Frances Huntington
    by Brown, Dillon

    John Frances Huntington is eighteen years old and tired of living his
    aristocratic lifestyle. He¿s tired of living under his parents¿ rule,
    especially his overly-strict father who wants nothing more than for John to
    follow in his footsteps as a lawyer. One day John decides to leave his home in
    London, England and venture across the World in a journey of self discovery and
    adventure. Join John as he embarks on thrilling African safaris, escapes from an
    Indian prison and falls in love with an American silent film actress. This is
    the story of John Frances Huntington.
    The Extraordinary Travels of John Frances Huntington
  • Warning
    by Liggins, Bill

    TEG-Comm is here, but hidden. TEG-Comm seems new, but millions have heard rumors
    about its operations for decades. TEG-Comm had never intended it, but world
    government is the result of its existence. Because of a warning from another
    star, TEG-Comm had perpetuated a Cold War hoax for 40 years in the 20th Century.
    They were behind the assassinations of several heads of state, including
    President Kennedy. They had taken advantage of UFO hysteria to cover up their
    experiments. They had done all these things in order to cover-up the greatest
    secret in history. Now, it's TEG-Comm's target year. They must be ready.
    Humanity is about to become involved with its first interstellar war. "This is
    no ordinary mystery . . .with characters one can identify with and enjoy." R. M.
    Blacketer, Scribes World Reviews " Warning ! Fasten your seatbelts. Come along
    for the ride. It will be an adventure you won't soon forget." Anne K. Edwards,
    author of "Death Comes Knocking" . eBook Reviews Weekly
  • The Book of Minab
    by Kyler, Betty T.

    After a strong-willed young woman nds herself the sole survivor of a plane
    crash, she is forced to become the newest resident of a lost ancient
    civilization. Three weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday, Breena Keets embarks
    on a two-week expedition to the North Pole. As she, her father and several
    others board the tiny plane, no one has any idea that a storm lurks in the
    distance. On the nal leg of their journey to the land of the midnight sun,
    tragedy strikes and the plane crashes. Breena is the sole survivor. Worse yet,
    she has no idea where she is. After Breena awakens, she soon learns she is in
    Moatsha, a strange land where there are, unfamiliar maps, strictly enforced
    laws, and no modern conveniences. Now Breena is not only lost, but deathly
    afraid she will never be found. Unwittingly catapulted into an ancient
    civilization where power, lust, violence, and love rule, Breena struggles to
    learn the ways of the people, and is forced into marrying a erce warrior. As the
    strange world envelops Breena, she ghts to survive within its suppressive
    society. Caught between the only world she has ever known and a foreign land,
    Breena is about to discover that fate will not only determine her destiny, but
    also the future of those she loves."
    The Book of Minab
  • The Kiss That Counted
    by Kallmaker, Karin

    Don't miss this Lammy Award Winner!!! CJ Roshe knows she can never relax her
    vigilance, especially when her grip on her secrets begins to slip. Contact with
    the good-hearted Karita Hanssen leaves CJ wishing for impossible
    things--friends, roots, a lover who knows her real name. With a life cheerfully
    balanced between all the things that she loves, Karita gives freely of her time
    and affection. She isn't looking for more until something in CJ's eyes suggests
    that there could be feelings deeper, stronger--and more dangerous--than any she
    has ever felt. CJ is committed to only tonight with her body and certainly no
    tomorrows when it comes to her heart. Karita has always lived for today while
    she waits for tomorrow to happen. One kiss couldn't change all that--unless it's
    the kiss that counted. Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award-winning author
    Karin Kallmaker's tale of two women, two outlooks and two futures trying to
    become one adds to her long list of best-selling and critically acclaimed
    lesbian romance novels.
    The Kiss That Counted
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