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  • The Well-Beloved
    by Hardy, Thomas

    This volume contains all of Conan Doyle's now largely neglected poetry, here
    collected in one volume for the first time, plus a late, allegorical one-act
    play, The Journey.
    The Well-Beloved
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer : A Novel
    by Twain, Mark

    [front flap] Mark Twain called his 1876 novel a "hymn to boyhood," and it
    remains an archetypal vision of pre-Civil War small-town America. Readers of all
    ages delight in its humorous narrative, delivered in a voice as mischievous and
    good-hearted as Tom Sawyer himself. Generations have played hooky with Twain's
    young hero, chuckling at his pranks and thrilling in his starry-eyed search for
    buried treasure. This handsome edition is the only hardcover version that
    features all of True Williams's endearing illustrations. Chosen by Twain
    himself, Williams was the first artist to depict Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry
    Finn, leaving an indelible stamp on the popular image of American childhood.
    Dover (2011) unabridged republication of the Chatto & Windus, London, 1897
    edition. [back flap] Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910) A native
    of Missouri, Twain pursued a variety of professions until his 1865 short story,
    "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," created an overnight
    sensation and propelled him into literary prominence. Novelist, journalist,
    essayist, and a lecturer of unsurpassed popularity, Twain was known primarily as
    a humorist in his lifetime, but he has since come to be regarded as one of
    America's greatest authors. See every Dover book in print at
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer : A Novel
  • Bodies Electric
    by Harrison, Colin

    Jack Whitman is the head of long-range planning at a major media empire. Two
    years have passed since his cherished wife, pregnant with their first child, was
    killed in a mindless spasm of New York violence. Now, emotionally numb and
    blindly ambitious, and with the corporation on the verge of a merger, Jack is
    caught in a power-play between the scheming CEO and the ageing chairman. Taking
    the subway home one night, Jack meets Dolores, a beautiful, troubled woman who,
    with her young daughter, is on the run from her dangerously jealous husband.
    Against every instinct of urban survival, Jack takes them in, gradually uncovers
    Dolores' tragic secret, and begins to fall in love. When Jack Whitman's two
    worlds collide, he is plunged into a perilous fight for his home, his job, his
    Bodies Electric
  • Forbidden Love
    by Herries, Anne

    Luke Trenwith is back at Trenwith Hall, relatively unscathed by the Great War of
    1914-1918 but surer than ever that, despite his mother's resistance to move with
    the times, life will never be the same again. Keen to fulfil his promise to Jack
    Barlow, the Trenwiths' former groom, he heads for London to tell Rose Barlow the
    not-altogether-truthful news that her brother died a hero. Despite his
    determination to resist her charms, Luke finds Rose as lovely as ever, and
    determined to forge a career on the stage rather than return to service. It's
    not long before the old emotions are stirred again, but Luke has promised his
    dying father he will marry well and carry on the Trenwith name in an honourable
    manner. Marriage to a former servant seems impossible, and Rose is not the kind
    of girl to settle for anything less. With Luke promised to another woman, it
    seems they are both doomed to unhappy lives of opportunities missed, unless they
    can erase the lines of class distinction
    Forbidden Love
  • All This Belongs to Me : A Novel
    by Hulova, Petra

    Petra Hulova became an overnight sensation when "All This Belongs to Me "was
    originally published in Czech in 2002, when the author was just twenty three
    years old. She has since established herself as one of the most exciting young
    novelists in Europe today. Writings from an Unbound Europe""is proud to publish
    the first translation of her work in English."All This Belongs to Me "chronicles
    the lives of three generations of women in a Mongolian family. Told from the
    point of view of a mother, three sisters, and the daughter of one of the
    sisters, this story of secrets and betrayals takes us from the daily rhythms of
    nomadic life on the steppe to the harsh realities of urban alcoholism and
    prostitution in the capital, Ulaanbaatar." All This Belongs to Me" is a sweeping
    family saga that showcases Hulova's genius.
    All This Belongs to Me : A Novel
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