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  • Frances
    by Carmen, Mary

    Frances Myllar is a beautiful, intelligent, and rich prisoner of her family. She
    and her three siblings are guarded around the clock. In 2040 Frances is crippled
    by a terrible accident and uses her convalescence to write her life's story.
    Frances's story includes romance, honors for her work, a loveless marriage, and
    two children. It also includes her close relationships with her happy-go-lucky
    brother and her brilliant mother. The events of 2040 turn Frances's life around.
    From her hospital bed she makes decisions and sets in motion events that will
    free her from her family and her cold husband. Frances cannot know these
    decisions will also give her the opportunity for worldwide fame and executive
  • The Lands of Dream
    by Clemons, Charles

    The dream fantasies of Charles Clemons, includes the Mhorhaen Trilogy, the
    Dreamer Trilogy, two more tales of dream and four poems of high fantasy for a
    total of two novels, two novellas, four short stories and four poems. The Lands
    of Dream is a place where a multitude of gods still compete for the worship of
    men and man is content with the luxuries of their natural surroundings;
    therefore they do not strive to create new inventions or discover new
    technologies to better their life, because all is as it should be. Original
    fantasies that dream in places analogous to the creations of Dunsany, Lovecraft
    and Moorcock.
    The Lands of Dream
  • Concerto to the Memory of an Angel
    by Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel

    In this vivid collection, Schmitt writes about regret and redemption, about the
    roles of love and memory in our lives, all with a lightness and compassion that
    is as rare as it is inspiring.
    Concerto to the Memory of an Angel
  • Buy Me Drinkee! or Hostess Bars 101
    by Tuu-Bigg, Maria

    Aloha, and welcome to the world of Hostess bars in Paradise. Hostess bars? Yes,
    Hostess bars, and you know what I'm talking about. The bars with the long red
    curtain covering the entrance, the high back booths, the over-friendly,
    over-pushy girls, and oh yeah, that special corner table that no one can see.
    Your Hostess today is retired "Mama," Maria Tuu-Bigg. And yes, Maria tells all.
    Ever wondered what Hostess bars are really like? Is it just a front for a whore
    house? Maria reveals her secrets in this unique book filled with personal
    anecdotes and stories. I know, you know someone, who knows someone, who knows
    someone who's had a bizarre bar experience. Or was it you? How do bars make
    money? What bugs the girls in this underground life? Breaking the law?
    Absolutely! ..... but which ones? Is it just a big rip off joint? Maria answers
    all your questions. This is happy hour, so relax, pull up a stool and have a
    Buy Me Drinkee! or Hostess Bars 101
  • Murder Most Fab
    by Clary, Julian

    Hello, I'm Johnny Debonair and this is my book - IMurder Most Fab/I. Buy it. You
    won't regret it. Everything that has happened so publicly is explained. Of
    course, I'd prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past
    caught up with me so spectacularly ' TV's Mr Friday Night with an enviable
    lifestyle and the nation at my feet. My fame might have looked easy to you at
    the time, but getting to the top of the celebrity ladder is hard work. It took
    talent, beauty, commitment and, uniquely in my case, a number of unfortunate
    deaths. If we were being picky you might describe me as a serial killer, but I
    really don't see myself that way. It sounds trite to say 'one thing led to
    another' but it's true. As you'll discover I owe something of my rise Iand/I my
    fall to three individuals: my mother, an eccentric country girl who taught me
    exhibitionism by hanging naked from the clocktower of Hythe town hall;
    Catherine, my best friend, then partner in business andshy;' a devil in red
    heels, who, in her clear Essex accent, taught me how to 'look after number one';
    and Timothy, who broke my heart and caused me to seek refuge in sex, money and
    celebrity. But in the end you have to take responsibility for your own actions.
    No one was forcing me, were they? I hope you, the public, can forgive me and
    enjoy this sordid tale for what it is andshy;' my final entertainment for you.
    Murder Most Fab
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