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  • Take Me to Heaven
    by Yamato, Nase

    Since he was young, high school student, Fumiya, possessed the ability to see
    things normal people cound not: spirits. Every time Fumiya sees ghosts, he turns
    to the son of a temple, Shougo, who lives next door and can't see the spirits...
    Always being rescued by the tall, handsome, and popular Shougo, Fumiya can't
    help developing certain feelings towards his savior. Then one day, Fumiya can't
    help developing certain feelings towards his savior. Then one day, Fumiya
    somehow finds himself dragged into his school's Occult Club. During "club
    activities," Fumiya is forced to go to ghost hot spots and panics from the
    ghost's anger. At the time, Shoujo embraces Fumiya and chants a sutra... Watch
    as ghosts and spirits work to drive these two childhood friends together!
    Take Me to Heaven
  • Vive le Roi! and Other Stories
    by Dumas, Alexandre

    Contents:Vive le Roi! Mademoiselle The Uninvited Visitors Death of RichelieuA
    Vicomte's BreakfastThe Drum-Head MarriageSword and Pistol It Rains A Melancholy
    Tale I. Isabella II. The Ransom of Isabella III. BridalsOn To Rome His Oath A
    Legend Some Prussian HistoryCount Von Bismarck The Chalice The Avalanche The
    Little Dog Jet
    Vive le Roi! and Other Stories
  • Clan-Albin : A National Tale
    by Monnickendam, Andrew

    "Christian Isobel Johnstone, called "the bravehearted lady" by Thomas Carlyle,
    was editor for more than a decade of Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, a journal famous
    for its vigorous liberal viewpoints and incisive literary reviews. In 1815
    Johnstone also became the author of one of the most extraordinary novels of the
    Romantic era, Clan-Albin. The story is centered around the childhood and
    adolescence of its orphan hero, Norman Macalbin, who leaves the poverty of the
    Highlands to volunteer for the army and journey in Ireland and Spain: but
    throughout the novel it is the voices of the strong female characters - Lady
    Augusta, Monimia, Flora and others - that we hear most clearly. These bring to
    us Johnstone's lament for the loss of Highland culture and scorn for the
    emergent southern mercantile classes, and portray war as a terrible tragedy
    whose glorification is unforgivable. Written in the year of Waterloo, Clan-Albin
    is a unique Scottish novel by an outstanding and neglected female voice."--BOOK
    Clan-Albin : A National Tale
  • The Rag Doll Plagues
    by Morales, Alejandro

    The time-line is cyclical and eternal, as a doctor and his descendants are
    condemned to enter into an ever-consuming battle with a mysterious plague in
    three separate moments in history: colonial Mexico, contemporary California and
    the next century in a newly emerged country. The magical realists of Latin
    America have their Chicano inheritor and his name is Alejandro Morales!
    The Rag Doll Plagues
  • Elizabeth's Legacy : Book Two of the Clearharbour Trilogy
    by Morris, Suzanne

    even as she lifted her hands from her lap, over the child's face spread a
    calculating look that was thoroughly unnerving, for it was so like Jane. "Did
    you know my mother?" she asked, her eyes veering away. Geneva had a sickening
    sensation that Jane was reaching out from the grave. "Not really. I met her
    once," she said. Elizabeth grew more alert. "Where?" "Here at Brookhurst at a
    dinner party." She thought of Jane's tidy figure in a pink chemise and silver
    slave bracelets; her cold blue eyes and cruel mouth set in a pale, flat
    complexion. The saucy way she sat with feet tucked under her on the sofa in the
    drawing room-the most formal chamber in the house. A considerable pause. A frown
    of concentration. "Then, was this before she married my father?" Elizabeth asked
    slowly. "Yes. Why?" Another pause. "So you knew my father before he married my
    mother." "Yes," Geneva said. She would have thought this obvious, given that
    Emelye was Tony's child with her, and was several months older than Elizabeth.
    Then she realized it would be far beyond the ability of a child less than eight
    years old to piece that sort of information together. Elizabeth pressed her
    bangs again, ran her tongue over her lips. Still avoiding looking at Geneva, she
    asked, "Was my mother was she nice then?"
    Elizabeth's Legacy : Book Two of the Clearharbour Trilogy
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