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  • The Divide
    by Evans, Nicholas

    Set in a time when the War on Terror has spread to the very heartland of
    America, 'The Divide' is the story of a little girl's effort to calm a frenzy of
    fear, racism and vengeance with a simple message of love and forgiveness.
    The Divide
  • Cursed Grounds
    by Kindred, Craig

    When Boston Police Detective, Mike James¿ wife goes missing, it is the
    beginning of an investigation that seems to turn up more questions than answers.
    What if the psychic and others in the small town of Augusta are right and that
    there is something evil and unexplainable behind it all? What if Mike and his
    son are also in danger? And as others mysteriously die in the small town, why
    are their graves being dug prior to each new death? As Mike soon discovers,
    people are not always as they seem in this small northeastern town.
    Cursed Grounds
  • Dark Symphony : Negro Literature in America
    by Anonymous

    This anthology includes noteworthy pieces by such esteemed African-American
    authors as Frederick Douglass, Charles W. Chesnutt, W.E.B. DuBois, Ralph
    Ellison, Jean Toomer, and many others.
    Dark Symphony : Negro Literature in America
  • The Abbot
    by Scott, Walter

    The Abbot concludes the fiction begun in Scott's The Monastery, following the
    fortunes of young Roland Graeme as he emerges from obscurity to become an
    attendant of Queen Mary during her captivity in Lochleven Castle. This new
    edition restores nearly 2000 authorial readings from Scott's manuscript and
    early American editions.
    The Abbot
  • The Last Christmas
    by Duggan, Gerry, Posehn, Brian

    After the apocalypse no one is safe, even at the North Pole. After tragedy
    strikes, Santa withdraws from life and turns his back on Christmas. When he
    finally emerges from seclusion, the old world is gone forever and as Santa
    struggles to find his way in a post-apocalyptic world, can he find a way to save
    Christmas too? This true story of the last Christmas is action-packed, funny and
    sad. It stars Santa, the Elves, a good boy, lots of naughty marauders and of
    course, Gary the Snowman.
    The Last Christmas
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