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  • The Crossroad
    by Lewis, Beverly

    Philip Bradley returns to the city but cannot forget Rachel Yoder. Another visit
    shows him that he must join her Amish life or leave forever.
    The Crossroad
  • The Land of Mystery
    by Ellis, Edward Sylvester

    Large format for easy reading. Story of the exploration of the Brazilian
    Rainforests, the 'Matto Grosso, from the highly prolific history and adventure
    The Land of Mystery
  • Saving Grace
    by Phillips, Ryan

    As the only daughter of a successful businesswoman, Grace has grown up with
    nothing but the best. Through a chance encounter, she meets Mike, a successful
    design artist who introduces her to a relationship very different from her usual
    one-night-stands and affairs with married men.
    Saving Grace
  • The Wrecker
    by Stevenson, Robert Louis

    "I never heard you talk so much nonsense, Loudon," said the host. "Well, it
    seemed to me there was sulfur in the air, so I talked for talking," returned the
    other. "But it was none of it nonsense." "Do you mean to say it was true?" cried
    Havens, -- "that about the opium and the wreck, and the blackmailing and the man
    who became your friend?" "Every last word of it," said Loudon. "You seem to have
    been seeing life," returned the other. "Yes, it's a queer yarn," said his
    friend; "if you think you would like, I'll tell it you." Here follows the yarn
    of Loudon Dodd. . . .
    The Wrecker
  • Seeds
    by Mackintosh, Ross

    Having spent a decade as a graphic designer, pushing a mouse around a desk, he
    decided it was time to return to the craft of drawing.Being influenced by
    artists such as Adrian Tomine, Marjane Satrapi, Craig Thompson and Alison
    Bechdel, Ross wanted to inject some real life into black and white pictures. He
    didn't realize his inspiration would come quite so suddenly.'Seeds' is his first
    graphic novel.
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