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  • The Wellspring of Death
    by Beaton, M. C.

    This time, the feisty sleuth stumbles upon the victim of an unnatural death in
    Cotswold village's famous natural spring. Who was the unlucky corpse? The
    Ancombe Parish Council chairman-and the only uncommitted member voting on
    whether to allow the Ancombe Water Company to tap into the town's spring. Add
    ex-fiance James, watery politicians, and slippery entrepreneurs to the mix, and
    you have Agatha up to her neck in a murky murder mystery.
    The Wellspring of Death
  • The Foolish Virgin
    by Dixon, Thomas

    Mary Adams, you're a fool! The single dimple in a smooth red cheek smiled in
    answer. You're repeating yourself, Jane - You won't give him one hour's time for
    just three sittings? Not a second for one sitting - Hopeless! Mary smiled
    provokingly, her white teeth gleaming in bstinate good humor. He's the most
    distinguished artist in America - I've heard so.
    The Foolish Virgin
  • Long Before Dawn
    by Viscosi, James V.

    An ancient vampire's lust for a human woman triggers a battle between rival
    undead factions, with a small band of vampire hunters caught in the middle.
    Long Before Dawn
  • All Shall Be Well; and All Shall Be Well; and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well
    by Wodicka, Tod

    Meet Burt Hecker, aka Eckbert Attquiet, a 63-year-old medieval re-enactor with a
    momentous nose, who dresses in tunics and drinks too much home-made mead. His
    treasured wife Kitty has died and their strange and beautiful relationship is
    now the stuff of history; he has sold all of his possessions and bought a
    one-way ticket to Europe, bent on rescuing his beloved son Tristan from the
    'evil' city of Prague. If only he knew that his son doesn't want to be rescued,
    or found. This is the story of Burt's painful, hilarious and doomed attempts to
    come to terms with his own past.
    All Shall Be Well; and All Shall Be Well; and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well
  • The House of the Wolf
    by Weyman, Stanley J.

    "You had him in your power! You could have killed him, and you did not! Now he
    will kill me!"Madame Claude muttered something tearfully; something about
    Pavannes and the saints. I looked over Croisette's shoulder, and read the
    letter. It began abruptly without any term of address, and ran, "I have a
    mission in Paris, Mademoiselle, which admits of no delay. Your mission, as well
    as my own -- to see Pavannes. You have won his heart. It is yours, and I will
    bring it you, or his right hand in token that he has yielded up his claim to
    yours. And to this I pledge myself."The thing bore no signature. It was written
    in some red fluid -- blood, perhaps. On the outside was scrawled a direction to
    Mademoiselle de Caylus. And the packet was sealed with the Vidame's crest, a
    wolf's head.
    The House of the Wolf
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