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  • Connections
    by O'Flanagan, Sheila

    In this wonderful collection of interlinked short stories we are transported to
    the Caribbean island resort of White Sands. In touching, poignant and delicious
    tales Sheila O'Flanagan introduces some of the most likeable and interesting
    characters she's created. There's Tara, who's arrived with the man she wants to
    marry only to find that an old rejected lover is planning to get in the way;
    Grainne, who's been sent with her husband by their children to celebrate the
    anniversary of a shotgun wedding twenty-five years earlier, and who thinks the
    time has come to move on - or has it? Rudy's on an idyllic break with his young
    son which is set for an unexpected ending; and Isobel - of ISOBEL'S WEDDING -
    has arrived with no idea that her old lover Nico might be staying just next
    door. Romance is very much alive in the hot Caribbean nights...
  • Use Me or Lose Me
    by Reid, Maryann

    The fabulously fine, Farah Washington first appeared in "Sex and the Single
    Sister." A junior correspondent to NBC News, she has always taken the fast track
    to love and success. Now she's determined to climb to the top of the media
    ladder, and she's willing to use every weapon in her considerable arsenal to do
    so. Then Farah meets Lenox Whitworth, a powerful, oh-so-fine lawyer who steps in
    to negotiate the station's contracts. But what he sees in her is the kind of
    sophisticated woman he needs and wants on his arm, in his life and in his bed.
    And Farah, sensing a prime opportunity, allows this powerful, handsome brother,
    to truly introduce her to the wicked indulgences of the rich and glamorous as he
    influences her career behind the scenes. They both believe that they've got a
    handle on a good thing, but they're both about to realize that they've met their
    match in each other. Filled with love, sex, drama and glamour, Farah and Lenox
    take you on a wild ride.
    Use Me or Lose Me
  • The Trumpet-Major
    by Hardy, Thomas

    This volume contains all of Conan Doyle's now largely neglected poetry, here
    collected in one volume for the first time, plus a late, allegorical one-act
    play, The Journey.
    The Trumpet-Major
  • In the Dark
    by Moggach, Deborah

    1916, pretty young Eithne Clay runs a shabby genteel South London boarding house
    while her gentle, dreamy husband is off at the War. Her 14 year old son Ralph
    dotes on his mother, but has adolescent thoughts he'd rather hide from her.
    Winnie, the young maid, is a homely, goodhearted country girl, rejected by
    Archie, the cheeky butcher's boy before he too is called up. When the dreaded
    telegram arrives at the house... things turn from difficult to desperate for the
    two young women. The lodgers are a curious but necessary burden u the Spooner
    family, with shell-shocked husband, sad wife and tiny, knowing daughter; Boyce
    Argyle, man about town and hero to young Ralph but recently missing; and blind
    Alwyne Flyte, communist and cynic, victim of a gas attack in the trenches. And
    then along comes the butcher, Neville Turk, big handsome ladies' man,
    irresistible for his meat, money and brutish confidence, who throws flighty
    Eithne into a turmoil, but has sinister plans of his own. Winnie and the blind
    lodger , meanwhile, conduct a strange, erotic liaison based on the fact that he
    can't see hera And young Ralph, ignored by his mother in favour of the butcher,
    looks on - feeling the undercurrents of desire, seeing more than he should (of
    sex, of the nightime dealings of Mr Turk, and what Flyte and Winnie get up to).
    All the strands come together in a shocking denouement, which turns a coward
    into a hero, and young Ralph into a man. They are all in the dark, with their
    dreams, secrets and fantasies. Electric light, new to their world, may be a boon
    but it reveals both grime and secrets. News of the war is never far away and
    casts a long shadow. Life is tough on the home front and they're all making do
    and working the system in different ways, sometimes comic, sometimes tragic and
    very human.
    In the Dark
  • A Day in the Life of a Popular Drama Queen... I mean Cheerleader
    by Turner, Monica

    Tacarra a once shy, stay-out-of-everyone's way,and very uninterested Junior High
    Schooler is transformed into a Popular Drama Queen...I mean Cheerleader, after
    she is noticed by Reba and Denise, the Raymond Cree Junior High School of the
    Deserts Cheer & Dance squad Captains during a gymnastic class. "Like yeah as
    if!" Now there's no turning back to the life of an un-popular, she's now out of
    her shell and well on her way up to the top...oh yeah!Besides, "Her team is red
    hot, and your team is sooo not!"
    A Day in the Life of a Popular Drama Queen... I mean Cheerleader
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