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  • From the Heights of Eskual Herria
    by King, John M.

    On a second honeymoon in New York City, Mark and Vera Holbrook buy a beautiful
    crystal ball. Unknown to them, this object was lost in a UFO crash on January
    21, 1947 (an actual documented case). Extraterrestrials have traced this
    valuable instrument to an antique shop where the Hoosier couple found it. Prince
    Ragar and his men follow their DC9 home and prevent a midair collision by
    utilizing the Gyrostone¿s power. A subsequent meeting leads to world-shaking
    possibilities in our world and the Holbrooks¿ lives
    From the Heights of Eskual Herria
  • The Good Man : A Novel
    by Lee, Edward Jae-Suk

    A lyrically evocative, haunting first novel....The writing here is deft and
    moving, offering vivid description of both the Montana setting and the
    remembered Korean landscape....The novel proves eerily suspenseful, ending on a
    redemptive note. A gracefully rendered, beautifully characterized tale about an
    unusual life. Jae-Suk Lee is a writer watch.
    The Good Man : A Novel
  • Leather Blues : The Adventures of Denny Sargent
    by Fritscher, Jack

    "Leather Blues" is the coming-out story of a rogue boy eager to lean the ropes
    and rituals of leathermen. This exquisitely crafted novel of initiation into
    bikes, bears, and man-to-man BDSM pulls no punches when Denny Sargent begins the
    Inferno rites of passage leathermen must courageously endure to seal their
    special male bonding.
    Leather Blues : The Adventures of Denny Sargent
  • Danger! Cross Currents : An Alix Nicholson Mystery
    by Gilligan, Sharon

    In this exciting sequel to Danger in High Places, freelance photographer Alix
    Nicholson is drawn into a complex web.
    Danger! Cross Currents : An Alix Nicholson Mystery
  • Stain of the Berry
    by Bidulka, Anthony

    Everyone has their boogeyman. But who-or what-is scaring Saskatoon locals to
    death? Private Detective Russell Quant is roused from sleep only to fall into a
    nightmare case when the family of a suicide victim hires him to uncover the real
    cause of death. But what is real and what is imaginary? Quant works to narrow
    his list of suspects only to find the number of victims growing. He is mystified
    as the trail of fear connects him to a vast landscape of people, including an
    elegant potash miner, dubious trailer park denizens, reticent farm folk, the
    Pink Gopher choir, and a gaseous psychiatrist. Compounding Quant's bewilderment
    is the complete and perfect disappearance of his once very real friend, Sereena,
    who has become a ghost he simply can't find. With the boogeyman always a few
    paces ahead, Quant struggles to keep the hounds of failure from baying.
    Traveling from Saskatchewan's summer storms to the menacing Lotus Land of
    Vancouver, he finally touches down in the Canadian Arctic, where tragic hope
    resides. He returns home to bully attacks, a desperate chase through midnight
    woods, and a sadistic abduction. As Quant penetrates the truth of the boogeyman,
    he finds himself on a perilous suspension bridge between idyllic childhood and
    grown-up violence. Anthony Bidulka is an avid traveler, party-giver, and
    sun-worshipper. One of his favorite sayings is: "Life may be short, but it can
    be wide." He lives in Saskatoon and invites you to visit his website at This is the fourth book in his Russell Quant mystery
    Stain of the Berry
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