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  • Passport to Yesterday
    by Druzhnikov, Yuri

    A moving and ambitious novel, this story concerns an exiled Soviet musician who
    finds himself back in his homeland and drawn to his hometown--and the secret of
    his father's disappearance during World War II. Gifted young violinist Oleg
    Nemets' rural life is overturned in the storm of the Second World War and the
    repressive regime that succeeds it. Blown far away from his home and a father
    who never returned from the front, Oleg lands in San Francisco as a violinist in
    the symphony orchestra. But years later, when the orchestra tours the Soviet
    Union, a series of events and clues from his past lead him back to his old town,
    the story of his father's disappearance and the Russia he left behind.
    Passport to Yesterday
  • Blue Note : Ri in New Format
    by Bingham, Charlotte

    During the Second World War, Eastenders Miranda and Ted are sent to the country
    with another young evacuee, Roberta (Bobbie), to live with two unmarried sisters
    in their idyllic rectory. The time they spend with Aunt Sophie and Aunt Prudence
    turns their underprivileged lives into something very near to Heaven: gathering
    wool from hedgerows, initiating do and mend campaigns, and trotting about the
    countryside with Tom Kitten, Aunt Prudence's pony. But when the Committee for
    Evacuation object to the women's efforts to adopt all three of them, it is
    Bobbie who is sent away to live with the Dingwalls in very different
    circumstances. And when the aunts die, Miranda, Tom and Bobbie - who have come
    to regard themselves as a family unit - are eventually parted, seemingly
    forever. The three find each other after the war, and Miranda, now a beautiful
    young model, falls in love with grown-up Ted Mowbray, but unfortunately he can
    only think of her as a sister. In turn, he loves Bobbie, who can only think of
    him as her brother, having already met her beloved Julian during a summer by the
    sea in Sussex. Necessarily there are many intriguing complications, and all
    hearts are destined to be broken before a satisfactory emotional climax can be
    Blue Note : Ri in New Format
  • Seas of Venus
    by Drake, David

    On Venus, where survivors of the human race struggle to live in domed undersea
    Keeps, two determined soldiers--Ensign Brainard and Johnnie Gordon brave the
    treacherous web of intrigue in the Keeps and the perilous surface jungles to
    ensure the survival of all humankind, in an omnibus volume that con
    Seas of Venus
  • The Green Ray
    by Verne, Jules

    When the Morning Post writes about the legendary Green Ray's elevating effects
    on the mind and soul, Helena Campbell vows to experience it for herself,
    postponing the wedding being forced upon her against her will. Together with her
    uncles, Sam and Sib Melville, she sets off on what becomes a near-epic quest.
    Joining them in the search are two would-be suitors for Helena, one an artist,
    the other an amateur scientist. Together, they will voyage to a distant
    shore--and beyond--braving hurricanes, testing their patience and resolve, and
    ultimately finding their own true selves. A Wildside Fiction Classic, long
    unavailable in any form.
    The Green Ray
  • Once upon a Dyke : New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians
    by Kallmaker, Karin, Szymanski, Therese, Watts, Julia

    In this first installment of a planned annual series of New Exploits of...
    novellas, authors put a new twist on the classic fairy tales Cinderella, The
    Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. Fish Out of Water
    (Kallmaker); Nobody believed the curse that the evil warlock put on Ariel until
    it came true. On her twenty-first birthday she awoke in a strange bed, next to a
    mortal woman, in a land that bore no resemblance to her own. She must not speak
    for a year, no matter the need, or she will never be able to go home again. And
    home has much to offer: her crown, her magic, and the endless pleasures of the
    Sidhe Court. The memories of the glorious, wonderfully irresponsible, luxurious
    days and nights keep her silent... until the love, and lovemaking, of that very
    mortal woman, leaves her yearning to say just one word: Yes. A Butch in
    Fairytale Land (Szymanski); Need help? Cody is there. Friends call her
    misguided. Ex-friends say stalker. Chided on every side for acting before she
    thinks, Cody is delighted to awaken in a fairy tale world where damsel after
    damsel not only needs help, but Cody is the only butch around to save the day.
    Daring deeds and dashing rescues can
    Once upon a Dyke : New Exploits of Fairy Tale Lesbians
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