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  • Thunder in Formosa: an International Thriller
    by Galt, Fritz

    Mick Pierce leads a peaceful existence posted as a CIA operative on the island
    of Taiwan. The last thing Washington policymakers suspect is a strike out of the
    blue. But signs of looming political and natural disasters mount in a steady
    drumbeat, and Mick finds himself facing a perfect storm. In a deadly
    super-typhoon, Mick is torn from his beautiful wife and separated from his
    erratic brother. He must fight his way across the island and contact the outside
    world. Can he get word out in time to stop an international calamity in the
    making? Can he stir Washington to action? Is he truly safe...because all the
    while, the enemy is following his every move. Immersed in the life of Taiwan for
    four years, Fritz Galt brings to life a vibrant people and a beautiful island
    under the constant threat of the elements and its precarious relationship with
    the mainland.
    Thunder in Formosa: an International Thriller
  • Eye of the Beholder
    by Lee, Marilyn

    When the car his wife was driving was totaled by a drunken driver, David Jordan
    lost both his beloved wife and his faith. Diana Stuart accepts the challenge of
    helping him find his way back to the Lord. Along the way she hopes David will
    realize that his young daughter needs a step-mom. The only problem is that David
    has made it clear the pretty, but full-figured Diana has no chance of being that
    step-mom. Diana sets out to change his mind without losing her own faith.
    Eye of the Beholder
  • State Secret
    by Froede, Gordon

    'Gordon Froede, one of the coolest, hottest writers of mysteries today.' Writers
    State Secret
  • When the Green Star Calls
    by Carter, Lin

    Erckmann-Chatrian was the name used by French authors mile Erckmann (1822-1899)
    and Alexandre Chatrian (1826-1890), nearly all of whose works were jointly
    When the Green Star Calls
  • Captain Kidd's Gold : Adventure on the High Seas
    by Fitts, James Franklin

    "Where 'Muting on the Bounty' meets "Treasure Island'" A tale of a young boy's
    adventure on the seas and his search for Captain William Kidd's hidden treasure.
    Note interest on Discovery Channel, National Geographic & upcoming Disney movie,
    "Captain Kidd."
    Captain Kidd's Gold : Adventure on the High Seas
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