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  • Irish Tweed
    by Greeley, Andrew M.

    Priest, sociologist, author and journalist, Father Andrew M. Greeley built an
    international assemblage of devout fans over a career spanning five decades. His
    books include the Bishop Blackie Ryan novels, including The Archbishop in
    Andalusia , the Nuala Anne McGrail novels, including Irish Tweed , and The
    Cardinal Virtues . He was the author of over 50 best-selling novels and more
    than 100 works of non-fiction, and his writing has been translated into 12
    languages. Father Greeley was a Professor of Sociology at the University of
    Arizona and a Research Associate with the National Opinion Research Center
    (NORC) at the University of Chicago. In addition to scholarly studies and
    popular fiction, for many years he penned a weekly column appearing in the
    Chicago Sun-Times and other newspapers. He was also a frequent contributor to
    The New York Times , the National Catholic Reporter , America and Commonweal ,
    and was interviewed regularly on national radio and television. He authored
    hundreds of articles on sociological topics, ranging from school desegregation
    to elder sex to politics and the environment. Throughout his priesthood, Father
    Greeley unflinchingly urged his beloved Church to become more responsive to
    evolving concerns of Catholics everywhere. His clear writing style, consistent
    themes and celebrity stature made him a leading spokesperson for generations of
    Catholics. He chronicled his service to the Church in two autobiographies,
    Confessions of a Parish Priest and Furthermore! In 1986, Father Greeley
    established a $1 million Catholic Inner-City School Fund, providing scholarships
    and financial support to schools in the Chicago Archdiocese with a minority
    student body of more than 50 percent. In 1984, he contributed a $1 million
    endowment to establish a chair in Roman Catholic Studies at the University of
    Chicago. He also funded an annual lecture series, "The Church in Society," at
    St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, Illinois, from which he received his
    S.T.L. in 1954. Father Greeley received many honors and awards, including
    honorary degrees from the National University of Ireland at Galway, the
    University of Arizona and Bard College. A Chicago native, he earned his M.A. in
    1961 and his Ph.D. in 1962 from the University of Chicago. Father Greeley was a
    penetrating student of popular culture, deeply engaged with the world around
    him, and a lifelong Chicago sports fan, cheering for the Bulls, Bears and the
    Cubs. Born in 1928, he died in May 2013 at the age of 85.
    Irish Tweed
  • Fragile Things : Short Fictions and Wonders
    by Gaiman, Neil

    Neil Gaiman is the author of over thirty acclaimed books and graphic novels for
    adults and children, including AMERICAN GODS, STARDUST, CORALINE and THE
    GRAVEYARD BOOK. His most recent novel for adults, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE
    LANE was highly acclaimed, appeared on the hardback and paperback Sunday Times
    bestseller lists and won several awards, including being voted Book of the Year
    in the National Book Awards 2013: 'Some books you read. Some books you enjoy.
    But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul' Joanne Harris. The recipient
    of numerous literary honours, Neil Gaiman's work has been adapted for film,
    television and radio. He has written scripts for Doctor Who , collaborated with
    authors and illustrators including Terry Pratchett, Dave McKean and Chris
    Riddell, and THE SANDMAN is established as one of the classic graphic novels. As
    George R R Martin says: 'There's no one quite like Neil Gaiman.' Originally from
    England, Neil Gaiman now lives in America.
    Fragile Things : Short Fictions and Wonders
  • Sterne : "Tristram Shandy"
    by Anonymous

    Part I. Subjectivity revealed through textual fields of reference: 1. Does
    Tristram Shandy have a beginning?; 2. Subjectivity discovered through Locke's
    philosophy; 3. Locke's philosophy as a pattern of communication; 4. Manic
    subjectivity; 5. Melancholic subjectivity; 6. Decentred subjectivity; 7. Wit and
    judgment; 8. The discovery of communication by verbalising subjectivity; 9. The
    body semiotics of subjectivity as discovery of man's natural morality; 10.
    Eighteenth-century anthropology; Part II. Writing strategies: 11. The
    first-person narrator; 12. Interruption; 13. Digression; 14.Equivocation; Part
    III. The Play of the Text: 15. The imaginary scene; 16. The games played; 17.
    The humour.
    Sterne :
  • The Magnificent Meaulnes
    by Alain-Fournier, Henri

    Date- 2013-08-06 Alain-Fournier was born Henri Alban Fournier, the son of two
    school teachers, on 3 October 1886 in La Chapelle d'Anguillonin France. He
    studied at a boarding school in Paris, at the naval college in Brest, and also
    at the lycee Lakanalin Sceaux, where he met his lifelong friend, the critic
    Jacque Rivi re. In 1905 Fournier had a chance meeting with Yvonne de
    Quievrecourt and fell instantly in love. This meeting was the inspiration for Le
    Grand Meaulnes , though the novel was not finished until Fournier had completed
    his military service in 1913. While working as a columnist and private tutor,
    Fournier was called up to fight in the First World War. He was killed in action
    at Vaux-l s-Palameix in 1914, though his body was not formally identified until
    1991. Le Grand Meaulnes is his only finished novel. Valerie Lester is the author
    of Phiz, The Man Who Drew Dickens (2004) and Fasten Your Seat Belts!History and
    Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin (1996).She has published essays and poems in various
    venues including The Atlantic Monthly, Airways Magazine, and The New Dictionary
    of National Biography. She first tried translating Le Grand Meaulnes as a
    teenager at school in Switzerland, and finished the job half a century later.
    Henri Alain-Fournier was born in La Chapelle d'Angillon in 1886. His first novel
    Le Grand Meaulnes was published in 1912. He was killed in action on the Lesuse
    in 1914. His second novel, Les Miracles appeared posthumously in 1924.
    The Magnificent Meaulnes
  • The Aerodrome : A Love Story
    by Warner, Rex

    First published in 1941, The Aerodrome is one of the few works of fiction in the
    twentieth century to understand the dangerous yet glamorous appeal of fascism
    and the less than satisfactory answer of traditional democracy ”and to
    transmute their deadly opposition into terms of enduring art. Mr. Warner
    brilliantly invents, on one side, a thoroughly degenerate Village representing
    fallen man, and on the other side a great Aerodrome dedicated to ruthless
    efficiency. The ideological struggle between the idealistic Air Vice-Marshal and
    the hero-narrator from the Village is portrayed with poetry, narrative speed,
    and great simplicity of language. It is a great symbolic novel of our time. "The
    value of The Aerodrome as literature becomes increasingly apparent at each
    rereading ... an intensely original work." ”Anthony Burgess. "A moral
    dialogue thrown into narrative form. It is humanity versus power, sprawling fife
    versus death-dealing regimentation.... A parable worth reading." ” New
    York Times. "The beauty of his prose, unsurpassed by any living English writer,
    has nothing to do with 'fine writing' but springs from a sound moral core and
    from an intelligence with the keenest edge." ”C. Day Lewis.
    The Aerodrome : A Love Story
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