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  • Ghosts of Capitan
    by Blaine, Jerry

    This is a must-read adventure novel—one you will enjoy reading time and time
    again. Filled with adventure, murder, romance, humor, treachery and
    thought-provoking spirituality. Follow detective Steve Corbin along as he
    strives to free the souls of four earthbound Spanish Conquistadors. In so doing,
    his destiny is altered for life. The reader’s personal destiny will also take
    on new meaning after reading this!
    Ghosts of Capitan
  • When We Were Bad
    by Mendelson, Charlotte

    Claudia Rubin is in her heyday. Wife, mother, rabbi & moral voice of the nation,
    it is she whom everyone wants to be with at herolder son's glorious February
    wedding. Until Leo becomes a bolter and the heyday of the Rubin family begins to
    When We Were Bad
  • Snarleyyow or the Dog Fiend
    by Marryat, Frederick

    Set in 1699 and framed around the Jacobite (supporters of the overthrown king,
    James II) conspiracies of the time, Lieutenant Cornelius Vanslyperken is the
    greedy and treacherous commander of a small vessel that hunts for smugglers in
    the English Channel. Snarleyyow is his "indestructible" dog.
    Snarleyyow or the Dog Fiend
  • God Spared My Life for His Glory
    by Tiffany

    "God Spared My Life for His Glory" is based on a true life story of a young
    woman growing up the cold, hard projects of Houston, Texas. Through her life of
    pain, she endured the hardships that come from the love of a life ruled by Sex,
    Drugs, and Money. When she faces a tramatic event, she comes to the realization
    that she was on the road straight to death and hell. She then discovered that it
    was time for a change. She dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, and her world was
    completely changed. " God Spared My Life for His Glory" is a story that is sure
    to changes anyone's opinion and outlook on their life.
    God Spared My Life for His Glory
  • The Age of Reason : A Novel
    by Sartre, Jean-Paul

    The first novel of Sartre's monumental Roads to Freedom series, The Age of
    Reason is set in 1938 and tells of Mathieu, a French professor of philosophy who
    is obsessed with the idea of freedom. As the shadows of the Second World War
    draw closer -- even as his personal life is complicated by his mistress's
    pregnancy -- his search for a way to remain free becomes more and more intense.
    The Age of Reason : A Novel
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