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  • Kidnapped
    by Stevenson, Robert Louis

    This classic large print title is printed in 16 point Tiresias font as
    recommended by the Royal National Institute for the Blind
  • Arcot, Morey and Wade : The Complete, Classic Space Opera Series-the Black Star Passes, Islands of Space, Invaders from the Infinite
    by Campbell, John W.

    This is the complete collection of the highly regarded and influential Arcot,
    Morey and Wade science fiction stories by John W. Campbell. When these classic
    tales of interplanetary wars and high adventure in space were first published in
    the pioneering days of modern SF they rivalled the work of such renowned
    contemporaries as E. E. 'Doc' Smith in popularity. Here you will meet the
    dynamic team of young twenty second century scientists-Arcot, the physicist,
    Morey, the mathematician and Wade, the chemist. The three books included here,
    'The Black Star Passes', 'Islands in Space' and 'Invaders from the Infinite' are
    'hard' SF, firmly based on current knowledge at the time they were written.
    Whatever the problem, no matter how threatening the alien menace, the dynamic
    trio rise to the occasion! Campbell's stories evolve with the maximum amount of
    pace and satisfying action and are now available from Leonaur in soft cover or
    collectors' hard cover with dust jacket.
    Arcot, Morey and Wade : The Complete, Classic Space Opera Series-the Black Star Passes, Islands of Space, Invaders from the Infinite
  • Facing It
    by Angel, Valerie

    Loosely based on the Global Challenge yacht race, Facing It is a fictional
    account of personal development, conflict and adventure. Roger is a courageous,
    inspirational sailing hero who sells adventures as package tours. It’s a
    very competitive market and by 2018 he’s struggling to find punters
    wanting to sail ‘the wrong way round’ the world in his yacht. A
    recent tragic disease has led to many people undergoing face transplants and,
    convinced that Southern Ocean rapture will soothe them, Roger decides to select
    a crew from amongst them. Building a solid and reliable team from a group of
    disparate strangers is difficult enough; it’s going to be even harder
    with the likes of Myra, who lost an eye in a drunken brawl, Kasmira, rescued
    after being trafficked, and Alan, a reluctant counsellor who will also help to
    skipper the boat. Between the endurance and the delights of a long sea voyage
    the crew’s individual traumas will subside and they will inevitably but
    reluctantly reassess themselves, especially given the degree of splendid
    isolation. Their new-found self confidence and mutual trust will be qualities
    that Roger may well come to depend on, when it’s their turn to help
    Facing It
  • Siren's Song
    by Dragonhawk

    I once heard a song in the night that was strangely eerie and sad, yet, at the
    same had a strong sense of hope. I could only imagine the source from which the
    sound emanated. This is my rendition of what it could have been, this ghostly
    song of the night.
    Siren's Song
  • Deception Pass : Limited Family Edition
    by Wood, Ed

    Deception Pass describes the quest for justice following a multiple vehicular
    homicide and vehicular assault. The maneuvers leading up to and including the
    courtroom drama depict the tragic legal realities in a state that has not yet
    enacted per se laws that define driving under the influence of drugs. A novel
    based on an actual court case.
    Deception Pass : Limited Family Edition
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