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  • A Strange Discovery
    by Dake, Charles Romyn

    It was once my good fortune to assist in a discovery of some importance to
    lovers of literature, and to searchers after the new and wonderful. As nearly a
    quarter of a century has since elapsed, and as two others shared in the
    discovery, it may seem to the reader strange that the general public has been
    kept in ignorance of an event apparently so full of interest. Yet this silence
    is quite explicable; for of the three participants none has heretofore written
    for publication; and of my two associates, one is a quiet, retiring man, the
    other is erratic and forgetful. It is also possible that the discovery did not
    at the time impress either my companions or myself as having that importance and
    widespread interest which I have at last come to believe it really possesses. In
    any view of the case, there are reasons, personal to myself, why it was less my
    duty than that of either of the others to place on record the facts of the
    discovery. Had either of them, in all these years, in ever so brief a manner,
    done so, I should have remained forever silent.
    A Strange Discovery
  • Leather Blues : The Adventures of Denny Sargent
    by Fritscher, Jack

    "Leather Blues" is the coming-out story of a rogue boy eager to lean the ropes
    and rituals of leathermen. This exquisitely crafted novel of initiation into
    bikes, bears, and man-to-man BDSM pulls no punches when Denny Sargent begins the
    Inferno rites of passage leathermen must courageously endure to seal their
    special male bonding.
    Leather Blues : The Adventures of Denny Sargent
  • Kokoro
    by Hall, David R.

    (Book 1) Charged with the future planning of their country, the shadowy,
    all-powerful, Baka Aho Manuke have plotted a course that has carried Japan from
    the ashes of defeat to the very pinnacle of industrial power. But now economic
    might isn't enough. There are those want to bring back the old days of Japan's
    military glory.Kokoro, is a story of espionage, betrayal and murder. The year is
    1986, and someone is attempting to tap into the heart of the NFSNET and siphon
    away U.S. military secrets. The evidence points toward the Pacific Rim, and CIA
    agent Mark Edwards is sent undercover to investigate. Edwards soon finds himself
    enmeshed in the murky world of Japan's post-war planners. All of Mark's
    formidable martial arts skills may not be enough to save him, and the woman he
  • All Clear
    by Willis, Connie

    Traveling back in time, from Oxford circa 2060 into the thick of World War II,
    was a routine excursion for three British historians eager to study firsthand
    the heroism and horrors of the Dunkirk evacuation and the London Blitz. But
    getting marooned in war-torn 1940 England has turned Michael Davies, Merope
    Ward, and Polly Churchill from temporal tourists into besieged citizens
    struggling to survive Hitler's devastating onslaught. And now there's more to
    worry about than just getting back home: The impossibility of altering past
    events has always been a core belief of time-travel theory - but it may be
    tragically wrong. When discrepancies in the historical record begin cropping up,
    it suggests that one or all of the future visitors have somehow changed the past
    - and, ultimately, the outcome of the war. Award-winning author Connie Willis
    returns with a stunning, enormously entertaining novel of time travel, war, and
    the deeds - great and small - of ordinary people who shape history.
    All Clear
  • The Holy War
    by Bunyan, John

    John Bunyan could be said to have authored the most influential book in the
    English language (other than the King James Bible) – The Pilgrim’s
    Progress. But he has also written another dramatic allegorical novel – The
    Holy War. BunyanÂ’s plan for his readers was for them to experience the
    struggles of the city of Mansoul as a fierce battle rages to take control of it.
    However, alongside this knife-edge drama Bunyan wished his readers to understand
    how the struggles of their souls ran in parallel to the struggles of the
    wretched inhabitants of that place. The righteous and honourable ruler Shaddai
    and his son Immanuel rule Mansoul with justice and equity. But the ruler of
    darkness - Prince Diabolus - has other plans. With his evil captains and their
    battalions Diabolus plots the fall and destruction of the once happy city. The
    first to fall is Captain Resistance as Diabolus knows that there is only one
    route into the city and that it can only be breached through the permission of
    the people of Mansoul itself. With Captain Resistance gone the city is laid open
    to Diabolic lies and the next to fall is Lord Innocency and then the city is
    lost. So begins a story of treachery and deceit, foolishness and pride,
    forgiveness and final redemption. In fact this is, as Bunyan intended it, the
    story of a sinner saved by the grace of God.
    The Holy War
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