Three Men on the Bummel
Three Men on the Bummel
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Author(s): Jerome, Jerome k
Jerome, Jerome K.
ISBN No.: 9781513278568
Pages: 166
Year: 202104
Format: Trade Paper
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A decade after their wild boat ride adventure on the Thames river, J, Harris, and George reunite for another vacation. Older, richer, and fatter, but not wiser, the three men stumble through mishaps and surprises as they journey to Germany. First saying their goodbyes, J and Harris seek the approval of their wives, worried about leaving their kids. Their wives are supportive, secretly considering their husbands' trip from home as a vacation for themselves as well. Still a bachelor, George tells his aunt about the trip before they depart. First arriving in a boat, the men journey through Germany, stopping in Hamburg, Hanover, and Berlin. When they are able, they stay in hotels and inns, and when they are desperate, the sleep in the barns of kind farmers. After a long journey, the men finally arrive at their destination.

Planning on completing a cycling tour through the German Black Forest, the men take a single rider and a tandem bicycle, making a solemn compromise to take turns being the solo rider. As they set out on their bike ride, the friends are amazed by the beauty and serenity of the forest, until they start to realize that everything looks familiar. Lost in the woods and going in circles, the three men must find a way home from their adventure before they get caught in the impending rain storm. Through sketches and detailed observations, Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men on the Bummel provides a fascinating perspective on the landscape and culture of 20th century Germany. With drunken adventures, sword fights, and misfortunate weather, Three Men on the Bummel is an exciting and charming travelogue, humorous and enjoyable even for modern audiences. This edition of Three Men on the Bumel by Jerome K. Jerome is presented in an easy-to-read font and features an eye-catching new cover design.

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