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  • Drumfire
    by Ison, Graham

    The new and unusual case for Detectives Brock and Poole - One Saturday night, a
    masked gunman walks into a jazz club and murders the drummer. Very soon,
    Detective Chief Inspector Brock and Detective Sergeant Poole find themselves
    taking an interest in the guests at a party in Surrey's stockbroker belt, which
    leads them to look again at a five-year-old robbery and to interview a dozen or
    so armed robbers. The killer is eventually arrested, but not before numerous
    extra-marital affairs come to light and a bullion van is attacked . . .
  • Veranilda
    by Gissing, George R.

    I guessed as much. The suspicion came to me at a certain moment this morning --
    a mere grain, which ever since has been growing tanquam favus. I am not wont to
    consider myself as of much use, but is it not just possible that, in this case,
    your humble kinsman might serve you?'
  • The Confederate Farmers
    by Gulliver, Gene

    After the Civil War, veterans of the war returned home to their farming
    communities along the Missouri-Kansas border. They were looking for peace and
    tranquility; what they found was turmoil. Forced to leave their homes, four of
    these men came to Independence and returned to farming. Things were going well
    for these former confederate soldiers and their families until Bruce Yeager came
    to town with a carpetbag, $100,000 and a confidential map showing where a
    proposed railroad line was being planned. Bruce planned to acquire the land that
    the railroad was going to pass through. To accomplish this plan, he befriended
    the mayor and hired a gunman named Tony Creek. He used the mayor to acquire the
    land by the powers of eminent domain and used Tony Creek to enforce his desires.
    When Bruce attempted to take land from these farmers he found out that they were
    not ordinary farmers. These men were veterans with a shameful, dark secret.
    The Confederate Farmers
  • Passion's Bright Fury
    by Radclyffe

    When a trauma surgeon and a filmmaker become reluctant allies on the
    battleground between life and death, passion strikes without warning. Saxon
    Sinclair, the broodingly secretive Chief of Trauma at a busy Manhattan hospital,
    is less than pleased to learn that her new resident is going to be the subject
    of a documentary film. The arrival of Jude Castle, a fiery independent
    filmmaker, soon sets sparks flying as the two driven women clash both personally
    and professionally. Both have secrets they have spent a lifetime guarding, and
    both have chosen careers over love. Desire and destiny clash in this blazing
    Passion's Bright Fury
  • War Stories
    by Bowen, Jeremy

    Having joined the BBC in 1984, Jeremy Bowen became a foreign correspondent four
    years later. He had witnessed violence already,both at home & abroad, but it
    wasn't until he covered his first war that he felt he had arrived. This is his
    War Stories
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