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Nanotechnology Applications in Biomedicine
Nanotechnology Applications in Biomedicine
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Author(s): Datar
Datar, R.
ISBN No.: 9781118347973
Pages: 300
Year: 202012
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £134.40
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Status: Available (Active record)

The last two decades have seen a rapid emergence of the field of biomedical nanoscience, which is expected to impact biological research as well as medicine through improvements in diagnosis, prognosis, imaging, and therapeutics. A wide variety of scientific disciplines have converged to develop biomedical nanoscience and technology, resulting in the evolution of new vocabulary and language. While this new language may be well-understood by each individual scientist who is intimately involved with developing these technologies, it is somewhat difficult to comprehend for those who will either be occasional users or beneficiaries of this novel science. Responding to this need, this book is an easy-to-follow "one-stop" information resource which should both initiate a new entrant in the field and keep an experienced researcher who is focused in one area informed about available knowledge in other areas. "Nanotechnology Applications in Biomedicine" covers key concepts in nanotechnology as relevant to biomedical sciences, from the basics of various nanoscale materials, to contribution of physical and chemical sciences to their fabrication and functionalization, to applications in biological research and medicine. A quick reference text that provides fundamental knowledge on each of these sub-topics and their logical links will address this problem with great efficiency. This will also help improve the fundamental knowledge background of future nanobiotechnologists and assist them in jump-starting their research.

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