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Ocular Motor Disorders and Vertigo
Ocular Motor Disorders and Vertigo
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Author(s): Strupp, Michael
ISBN No.: 9781846285479
Pages: 144
Year: 201902
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £82.29
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Forthcoming)

The book covers the clinically most relevant central and peripheral ocular motor and vestibular disorders. Clinically-oriented and easy-to-read, it describes how to take the history of a patient suffering from double vision, blurred vision, opscillopsia, vertigo, or dizziness. The procedure for taking the patient history is poorly understood, resulting in late or no diagnosis in many. The book also provides a detailed description of how to examine the central and peripheral ocular motor system and the central and peripheral vestibular system. It gives examples of the most common disorders using typical case reports, clinical findings, and appropriate treatment options. It also outlines the current practical treatment of ocular motor and vestibular disorders, which includes physical therapy, drug treatment, surgery, as well as psychotherapy. This concise book will be essential reading for students, general practitioners, and neurologists, as well as ENT specialists in this difficult and complicated area.

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