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Life, Universe and Everything Made Beautiful
Life, Universe and Everything Made Beautiful
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Author(s): Eaton, Thames
ISBN No.: 9781844038305
Pages: 160
Year: 205012
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £15.59
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Over 80 stunning, ingenious and absorbing infographics reveal the secrets of life, the universe and everything! Discover unique, witty and surprising facts about all sorts of natural phenomena, from the secrets of the universe to the wonders of natural science and the impenetrable dimensions of quantum physics. Scientific and sociological facts are presented in a memorable, surprising and illuminating way. More than just a book of words, with graphs, Venn diagrams and charts, this book provides a unique overview of surprising and fantastic aspects of life, the universe and everything in 80 unique infographics. Artworks include: It'll Never Catch On Who Really Runs the World The Weight of Happiness From the Abacus to Twitter It's a Dog's Lifeline Inside the Large Hadron Collider New Planet, New You and Where Did Everyone Go? Discover: Driving You Crazy - The theory of a major city's traffic flow system explained Is the Earth in danger? The Torino Scale - Assesses the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects, such as asteroids and comets Mass Extinction Events - Comparisons according to: When they happened, what caused them, which organisms were affected and what percentage of total species were killed off What is a Greenhouse gas? - What makes up the 'greenhouse house' and who's emitting the most - comparison by country and cause of emission Future Population Pyramid - How we are ageing via pyramids for each continent.

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