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Shoot the Bluebird
Shoot the Bluebird
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Author(s): Raposo, Nico
ISBN No.: 9789351187233
Pages: 192
Year: 201406
Format: E-Book
E-Book Format Price
DRM EPUB £7.40

He was still a handsome devil. Handsome enough to win the love of one of the prettiest girls he d ever met. He checked his reflection to see if the jewel case was visible. In the front hall, he turned the switch for the chandelier. He squinted in the harsh light reflected off the mirrors everywhere. Goodbye! He called. There was no answer. A series of mysterious thefts, forbidden love and a tapestry of lies lead to the disappearance of the Bluebird diamond, one of Bollywood s great unsolved mysteries.

Raj, Nagi and Madhuri round up the unusual suspects and help a faded heroine recover her brilliance. Set in the glimmering high life of backstage Bollywood, Mumbai s darkest secrets are laid bare after more than half a century. But the old adage proves true be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. Shoot the Bluebird, the fourth book featuring the teen detectives from Mumbai s dazzling film world, the Bollywood Knights, is a suspense thriller studded with lust, lost love and treachery that will keep you guessing until the final, thrilling climax.

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