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The Screen Savers Technology Guide
The Screen Savers Technology Guide
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Author(s): TechTV
ISBN No.: 9780321278395
Pages: 480
Year: 202001
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £21.59
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Whether you're cracking code, downloading music, shooting with digital cameras, playing with Photoshop, surviving another LAN party or wrangling with Windows, The Screen Savers is there to help keep you on the digital edge. Based on TechTV's daily live tech variety show, The Screen Savers Technology Guide offers useful technology tips, tricks of the trade, and plenty of inside info from the savvy folks who put the show together. Taken from topics covered on the show, the book includes anecdotes, tips, factoids, and musings about the technology trends at the center of readers' lives. Each chapter contains topic-oriented essays that take up most of the page (on subjects as varied as WiFi, HDTV, online chatting, nifty gadgets, and virus protection), and hints, tips, references to worthwhile software, and goofy trivia about the show. Readers learn how to keep PC hassles to a minimum while learning about the latest technological trends-all delivered with the wit and wisdom of their favorite stars from The Screen Savers.

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