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Data Protection : Preventing Data Loss in the Age of Big Data, Cloud, and Virtualization
Data Protection : Preventing Data Loss in the Age of Big Data, Cloud, and Virtualization
Click to enlarge
Author(s): de Guise, Preston
ISBN No.: 9781482244151
Pages: 400
Year: 201702
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £49.19
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

This is the fundamental truth about data protection: backup is dead. Or rather, "backup and recovery," as a standalone topic, no longer has relevance in IT. As a standalone topic, it s been killed off by seemingly exponential growth in storage and data, by the cloud, and by virtualization. So what is data protection? This book takes a holistic, business-based approach to data protection. It explains how data protection is a mix of proactive and reactive planning, technology and activities that allow for data continuity. It shows how truly effective data protection comes from a holistic approach considering the entire data lifecycle and all required SLAs. Data protection is neither RAID nor is it continuous availability, replication, snapshots or backups it is all of them, combined in a considered and measured approach to suit the criticality of the data and meet all the requirements of the business. The book also discusses how businesses seeking to creatively leverage their IT investments and to drive through cost optimization are increasingly looking at data protection as a mechanism to achieve those goals.

In addition to being a type of insurance policy, data protection is becoming an enabler for new processes around data movement and data processing. This book arms readers with information critical for making decisions on how data can be protected against loss in the Cloud, on-premises, or in a mix of the two. It explains the changing face of recovery in a highly virtualized data center and techniques for dealing with big data. Moreover, it presents a model for where data recovery processes can be integrated with IT governance and management in order to achieve the right focus on recoverability across the business.".

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