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Graveyard Clay : Cré Na Cille
Graveyard Clay : Cré Na Cille
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Author(s): Ó Cadhain, Máirtín
Robinson, Tim
ISBN No.: 9780300203769
Pages: 368
Year: 201603
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £23.18
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Status: Available (Active record)

"[This] translation . is remarkably elegant."--William Brennan, New Yorker "A cause for celebration."--Jan Gardner, Boston Globe "Whatever their differences in tempo or phraseology, each of the current versions of O Cadhain's most famous book is gloriously attuned to the energy, copiousness, invective and ribaldry of the original Cre na Cille."--Patricia Craig, Times Literary Supplement "Corrosively satirical and darkly comic. A tour de force of a gabfest. Those who wish to get as close to the original as possible will undoubtedly favor Graveyard Clay . "--Mark Harman, Los Angeles Review of Books "The bitingly sarcastic, and hilarious, drumbeat of dialogue .

is counterpointed by lyrical sections . [A] great book."--Frank Freeman, University Bookman " Graveyard Clay is . likely to be praised by readers who are familiar with the original Irish text . [and] to encourage readers to seek out Cr na Cille in Irish."--Margaret Kelleher, Breac "A remarkable collaboration between two translators operating on the cusp between Irish and Hiberno-English, Graveyard Clay is true to the many different registers of Cadhain's masterpiece. It is a version in which imaginative audacity is tempered only by sound textual scruple."--Declan Kiberd "This is a wonderful translation.

Mac Con Ionmaire and Robinson provide a meticulously faithful rendering of Cadhain's rich Conamara Irish while at the same time capturing the raucous, rabelaisian humor of his classic novel."--Philip O'Leary, Irish Studies Program, Boston College.

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