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Watching You, Watching Me (Back-2-Back, Book 2)
Watching You, Watching Me (Back-2-Back, Book 2)
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Author(s): Rayban, Chloe
ISBN No.: 9780007400614
Pages: 320
Year: 201402
Format: E-Book
E-Book Format Price
DRM EPUB £5.06

There are two sides to every story and this new series, BACK-2-BACK, is designed to attract both boys and girls. Teenagers will love to read what she really thinks about him and what he really thinks about her!Natasha's story - she's 15 and still at school and lives across the street from super cool Matt who's just moved in. He's into blading and he's going out with a stylish girl from his college and plays loud music the whole time. And does he even notice she exists?Matt's story - he's 17 and is not as cool as he'd like to be, and college is pretty rough. Music is his real passion and getting some DJ work at the club is great. He really likes the look of the cute babe in the house opposite, but he always seems to be in trouble with her parents, and she turns away whenever they meet.

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