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Power of the Word
Power of the Word
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Author(s): None
ISBN No.: 9781443879903
Pages: 255
Year: 201506
Format: E-Book
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DRM PDF £73.95

This book brings together twelve authors who look at the concept of the "e;word"e; from several different perspectives, inspiring in the reader a sense of wonder - to think of the lowly word, which we toss away in yesterday's newspaper, which we ignore on street signs, which we utter without giving a thought to the consequences of the power carried by the word.Moving from a psycholinguist explanation of the acquisition of language, the volume presents the function of the word in "e;bad"e; jokes, in propaganda, and in empowerment, from rhetorical strategies to poetry to silence. This volume explores a subject which can never be discussed completely: the word. Acknowledging this incompleteness, this volume nevertheless provides such insights that will allow the readers to see the word as a powerful instrument for changing the world in which they live.

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