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Business One:One
Business One:One
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Author(s): Appleby, Rachel
Bradley, John
Hudson, Jane
ISBN No.: 9780194576376
Edition: Student Manual, Study Guide, etc.
Pages: 136
Year: 201808
Format: Mixed Media
Price: £40.56
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

dealing with people1. How to ask for something2. How to make a suggestion3. How to react to suggestions4. How to praise5. How to criticize6. How to show how to do something7. How to delegate8.

How to compromiseprojects9. How to plan10. How to update on progress11. How to report success12. How to make excuses13. How to justify change14. How to deal with people off-site15. How to announce a new project16.

How to feed back on a projectmeetings17. How to present an idea18. How to agree and disagree19. How to use vague language20. How to run a meeting21. How to defend an idea22. How to speak to a group23. How to structure a talk24.

How to interruptsocializing25. How to meet for the first time26. How to catch up27. How to tell a story28. How to describe someone else29. How to make, accept, and decline offerstelephoning30. How to survive on the phone31. How to phone around32.

How to order, and check an order33. How to discuss documents on the phone34. How to complain on the phoneemail35. How to write emails for the first time36. How to write a formal email37. How to be friendly in an email38. How to explain in other ways39. How to write forceful emailstravel40.

How to book41. How to check in and check out42. How to check a route43. How to eat out44. How to ride in taxisreading banklistening bankgrammar banklistening script.

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