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English Knowhow, Level 2
English Knowhow, Level 2
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Author(s): Blackwell, Angela
Naber, F.
Naber, Therese
ISBN No.: 9780194536813
Edition: Workbook
Pages: 80
Year: 201705
Format: UK-Trade Paper (Trade Paper)
Price: £17.04
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

A range of contexts with international appeal to motivate adult learners. Grammar presentations to satisfy the adult learner's 'need to know' and provide a strong foundation for communication skills. Varied speaking and listening opportunities to develop practical communication skills for use in authentic situations. Reading and writing tasks to encourage learners to reflect on meaning and express their own ideas. Review units, with dedicated 'Recycling' sections, to ensurelearners stay in touch with previously acquired language. 'KnowHow' sections offering additional tools to develop pronunciation and efficient learning skills, and a 'Help Desk' feature to provide insight into issues of language usage.

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