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Betty and Veronica: Love at First Bite
Betty and Veronica: Love at First Bite
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Author(s): Archie Superstars, Archie
ISBN No.: 9781619889460
Pages: 128
Year: 201512
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £9.59
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

These fan-favourite vampire-themed stories starring Betty & Veronica have been hugely popular as digi-comics, and now make it into print for the first time! Betty and Veronica have been avidly watching the latest horror movie series Cloudy With A Chance of Vampires. But when a hunky pair of suspiciously pale students transfer to Riverdale High and begin muscling in on Archie's girls, could all of their nightmares be about to become a reality?.

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