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Archie's Favorite Comics : Return to the Vault
Archie's Favorite Comics : Return to the Vault
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Author(s): Archie Superstars Staff (Corporate)
Archie Superstars, Archie
ISBN No.: 9781627388634
Pages: 416
Year: 203512
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £9.14
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Celebrate 75 years of Archie Comics with this treasure trove of great RARE stories! Features over 400 pages of VINTAGE comics from Archie's VAULT! The ARCHIE'S FAVORITE COMICS series gathers some of the most beloved COMIC BOOK stories ever for fans of all ages! ARCHIE'S FAVORITE COMICS: RETURN TO THE VAULT collects excellent, RARE full-color Archie stories! The stories included in this volume were hand-selected from a VAST ARCHIVE of VINTAGE comics and feature special behind-the-scenes anecdotes. This is a must-have for all Archie and comic book fans everywhere!.

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