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Fit for Fate : A Tale of Byzantine Intrigue in Modern Athens
Fit for Fate : A Tale of Byzantine Intrigue in Modern Athens
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Author(s): Stratton, Eugene Aubrey
ISBN No.: 9780595287543
Pages: 276
Year: 200308
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £17.99
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

Fit For Fate "Gene Stratton is among the most erudite suspense novelists, and his knowledge of the material always shines through." -Robert Eversz, author of Killing Paparazzi Cornish Conundrum "A joy to read, with plenty going on, lots to perplex and please." -Robert Barnard, recipient, Diamond Dagger Award "Follows the fine tradition of Daphne Du Maurier in offering much to savor and entertain in a well-researched Cornish setting." -Peter Lovesey, recipient, Diamond Dagger Award "Excellent atmosphere, good mystery I love it." -Paula Gosling, prize-winning mystery author Killing Cousins "Genealogy, genetics and keen detective work mesh." - Publisher's Weekly "I read Killing Cousins with enjoyment [Stratton] writes English with a practiced fluency, tells his tale well [and] deserves a wide public." -Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse mysteries. A plague of troubles revolves around Greek Police Director Spyro Roussos.

His American opera singer lover, Victoria, is stalked by a professional terrorist. His superior, who plots to become dictator, schemes to replace Roussos with a sadistic crony. The American Ambassador's niece, Marilyn, is kidnapped by an unlikely group and rescued by another mysterious, deadlier group. Meanwhile, forces try to involve Greece in a Balkan War that will start World War Three. Two men love Marilyn. The Ambassador doesn't like one, Embassy Security Officer Bob Jensen. Marilyn falls in love with Roussos's son with Greek-god-like features, Dimitri, but that can have complications. In this Byzantine atmosphere, Athens is seen in all its splendiferous, but threatened, glory.

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