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Beyond the Tall Pines
Beyond the Tall Pines
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Author(s): Donlon, Patricia
ISBN No.: 9781424128730
Pages: 348
Year: 200808
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £22.17
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

In the late 1800s the little town of Harmony, South Dakota, was a peaceful place to live, until one day when a band of Indians massacred the entire population. On this particular day, an old Indian couple came to Harmony to trade, arriving shortly after the massacre. They were distraught at what they found. Hearing whimpering, they went searching for where the sound was coming from. They discovered two tiny children hidden under blankets. They knew if they left, the children would surely die. Uncertain of what to do, they finally decided to take the children with them. Upon returning to their camp and telling the others what had taken place in Harmony, it was agreed the safety of the children was the most important thing.

Two old braves went high up the mountain to seek a safe haven for the children and the tribe. Finally, after a long search, they found a valley hidden beyond very tall pine trees.

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