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9/11 and the Academy : Responses in the Liberal Arts and the 21st Century World
9/11 and the Academy : Responses in the Liberal Arts and the 21st Century World
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ISBN No.: 9783030164188
Pages: xxiii, 355
Year: 201908
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £109.99
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

Foreword; Alice Greenwald.- Chapter 1. Setting the Unsettled: An introduction to 9/11 and the Academy; Matthew Shannon.- Chapter 2. Changed Worlds? American Studies, Trauma Studies, and September 11, 2001; Christine Muller.- Chapter 3. Psychology confronts 9/11: Explanations, shortcomings and challenges; Robert Demski.- Chapter 4.

Religious Studies and September 11, 2001: Religion and power in the ruins; Tam Parker.- Chapter 5. Media Studies: Why 9/11 and digital media pose new problems and opportunities for the study of news; Mark Finney.- Chapter 6. Spectacle, trauma and patriotism: Media and Media Studies in the aftermath of 9/11; Chiara Ferrari.- Chapter 7. Studying the Presidency after 9/11: Re-considering presidential character in domestic and international contexts; Stephen Farnsworth.- Chapter 8.

Re-inventing the Heart of Darkness for the 21st century: African studies and the War on Terror since 9/11; Matthew Unangst.- Chapter 9. Growth and uncertainty: The impact of 9/11 intelligence and national security studies; Joseph Fitsanakis.- Chapter 10. International Education in the 21st century: Lessons learned from 9/11 and cautious hope for the future; Celeste Gaia and Marcelo Leite.- Chapter 11. Teaching 9/11 in the core curriculum; Joseph Lane and Mark Finney.- Chapter 12.

9/11 and the 'Memory Boom'; Samantha Ball.

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