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Word Up
Word Up
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Author(s): Rashad, Rahrah
ISBN No.: 9781434324146
Pages: 348
Year: 200807
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £15.79
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (On Demand)

"Word Up" is a novel that raises the bar in the education of language. The significance of the "word," whether spoken or thought, is the direct portrayal of human drama. If the same word has variant meaning to various human beings, the application of its essence, without doubt, will deliver irresolvable conflict to human dramatics. The concept of this title suggests an elevation in thought that brings harmony to the spoken and unspoken "word." Literally, "word up" can mean that time is "up" for the old or established meaning, which has produced little positive result, and the "word" is significantly being raised "up" to align itself with the harmony of human nature. The human race has self-induced a plague called racism; it is an abomination that is contrary to the harmony of human nature. If the human being is allowed an opportunity to view racism as a foreign implantation, which it is, eliminating the essence of blame and shame, possibly, the human constitution will attain the ability to eradicate the disease. "Word Up" is a vehicle formulated to chauffeur the human being to a profound understanding of the word "racism" by enlisting characters capable of exploring many issues that are relevant to a successful journey.

Each character is ideally selected; as mere parts of a whole, these characters intend to convey the true essence of the "word" racism.

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