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C215 Christian Guemy Stencil Art
C215 Christian Guemy Stencil Art
Click to enlarge
Author(s): Mattanza, Alessandra
ISBN No.: 9788854415218
Pages: 224
Year: 202001
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £24.39
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

"I've never made my art because I want to make money. I make it because I believe that my paintings . can change the world." Meet C215, a master street artist with a mission. C215 is the pseudonym chosen by Christian Guemy, one of the world's most important masters of contemporary street art. He became famous in 2008 when Banksy invited him to collaborate on some projects, and today, even though he has the talent to work for galleries or museums, he continues producing his art on the street. See his amazing creations, and get to know him through a series of interviews conducted by Alessandra Mattanza, an expert in international street art. Known for drawing, painting, spray-painting, and personally photographing his works, C215 himself has in fact taken many of the images shown in this eye-opening volume.

These photos enrich this intimate portrait of the artist, presenting his vision and his experience on the street. Readers can grasp the essence of his philosophy, and discover his most important works in the cities of Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Istanbul, New Delhi, and Fez as well as in Brazil, Poland, Israel, and Morocco. AUTHOR: Alessandra Mattanza, writer, screenwriter, and fine art photographer, has lived in New York and Los Angeles for a number of years. She currently works as a foreign correspondent, contributor, and editor for several publishing houses and magazines, and collaborates on interviews and mini-documentaries for TV Studio Universal. For White Star Publishers she published Australia: The New Frontier, Wonders of New York, My New York: Celebrities Talk About the City, and My Paris: Celebrities Talk about the Ville Lumière.

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