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Conversations with Trees : An Intimate Ecology
Conversations with Trees : An Intimate Ecology
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Author(s): Kaza, Stephanie
ISBN No.: 9781611806779
Pages: 288
Year: 201904
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £15.99
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

" Conversations with Trees has never been more important. Twenty-five years ago, Stephanie Kaza's lyric, wondering prose invited readers to listen to what trees teach about the glistening webs that connect all of life. Now, as global warming brings hellfire and tempests to the forests, we must listen to what their sinewy strength tells us about suffering, regeneration, and redemption."--Kathleen Dean Moore, author of Wild Comfort Praise for the original edition: "This is a beautifully written, imaginative, appreciation of trees."-- Publisher's Weekly "Kaza has answered the alluring call of the trees, transcending the limitations of species to romp among them. Her book gives us a rare glimpse of the wisdom that a deep, open-hearted encounter with nature can afford us."-- Yoga Journal "In Conversations with Trees we recover our primordial intimacy with trees. We are sheltered, nourished, and inspired by trees both physically and spiritually.

Our loss of the forests and woodlands of the world is the loss of so many of our deepest interior experiences: the grace of the willow, the vigor of the oak, the flow of the American elm and the ash, the toughness of hickory. In this volume our sensitivity, our attentive heart, is awakened and from there we are on our own."--Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth "Stephanie Kaza's book is a triumph--Deep Ecology writing at its most humbly, powerfully evocative. Her encounters with trees teach us to know--and, in knowing, to love--both world and self. For here each tree, in disclosing its own story, its own beauty, reveals the beholder's as well. Each tells us, in a different voice, that if we are to preserve the natural world, we must let it feed our souls."--Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self "In the tradition of Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson, Conversations with Trees draws the reader into the deeper meanings and more heartfelt connections with nature. The book should be read by all people who want to reconnect to the Tree of Life, to our sacred connections with forests.

"--William Devall, author of Deep Ecology "A delightful book that greatly deepened my appreciation for trees and for people who take the time to educate the rest of us about how to converse with them."-- Turning Wheel "The lessons Kaza has learned and here conveyed are both profound and mundane, like most important truths."-- Wild Earth "For those who slow down when passing a particularly magnificent elm, or dawdle on hikes to appreciate the solitary birch, Conversations with Trees assures: take heart, you are not alone."-- Vermont Times "Stephanie Kaza's rich work gives trees a voice, Davis Te Selle's lithographs, a shape. Together they give us a unique document, an extended meditation on the forest of green wilderness that we live in and need in order to survive. A heartfelt celebration of trees and a graceful call to let their patient wildness grow back through the openings in our minds."--China Galland, author of Longing for Darkness "We measure the richness of our lives by the friends we are privileged to make and keep. In Conversations with Trees, Stephanie Kaza introduces us to new friends--mysterious, simple, dying, working, lovely friends--friends for life, if you wish.

She gives us the gifts of fact, spirit, role, and beauty of trees."--Michael Fischer, former Executive Director, Sierra Club.

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