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Cover Vol. 1
Cover Vol. 1
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Author(s): Bendis, Brian Michael
ISBN No.: 9781401291044
Pages: 144
Year: 201905
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £10.41
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

Mulitple Eisner Award Nominee, Cover Vol. 1 , features the story of artist Max Field as he rides high on one of the most popular books of his career and learns the shocking truth about the art form he loves! The comic book industry has been a recruiting ground for the American intelligence community for decades! After all, who better to serve as jet-setting deep-cover agents than the men and women who travel around the globe from one comic book convention to the next and make up stories for a living? At first, Max is thrilled to discover this monumental secret about his chosen profession--and to become a part of it himself. But the further he descends into the world of international espionage, the harder maintaining his secret identity becomes. Can he come in from the cold with his life--and his career--still intact? The multi-award-winning creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis ( Superman , Jessica Jones ) and artist David Mack ( Kabuki ) deliver the first installment of their conspiratorial love letter to the comics industry in Cover Vol. 1 ! Collects issues #1-6.

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