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The Dragons and the Snakes : How the Rest Learned to Fight the West
The Dragons and the Snakes : How the Rest Learned to Fight the West
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Author(s): Kilcullen, David
ISBN No.: 9780190265687
Pages: 336
Year: 202003
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £17.12
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

"Disturbingly brilliant. David Kilcullen, ever the thoughtful observer of wars and the people who wage them, captures the changes in warfare that already confound-and threaten to overwhelm us. He correctly shows that we are mentally and physically unprepared for the new nature of conflict, and will likely pay dearly for it." -Stan McChrystal, Partner, McChrystal Group "David Kilcullen has produced another thoughtful, important book. At a time when some believe that the return of competition with great powers (i.e. dragons) might serve as an emotional cathartic to help forget the long war against jihadist terrorist organizations (i.e.

snakes), the author exposes and transcends that false choice. His ideas about how to fight for peace in a dangerous world should be read and discussed not only by diplomats, defense officials, and military officers, but also by citizens concerned about securing a better future for their children." -H.R. McMaster, author of Dereliction of Duty and the forthcoming Battlegrounds "To absorb Kilcullen's insights is to be forced to rethink national and international security in this new century and to adjust military and nonmilitary institutions to a host of new realities. Senior policy-makers have no choice but to do so."--Gary Hart, Member, United States Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees "An eye-opening look at the state of strategic balance between the United States and its rivals, large and small. The author delivers a detailed and unsettling analysis of how America's rivals have adapted to the modern strategic landscape--and how they hope to defeat us.

Essential reading for anyone concerned with America's future on the world stage."--Kirkus, Starred Review "This book should be read by everyone in a uniform."--The Times (U.K.) "Kilcullen is a welcome guide, offering a neat summation of how both nation-states and terrorist groups alike learned to cope with America's conventional military primacy. Kilcullen's approach offers readers accessible insights into what are complex and dynamic trends."--Diplomatic Courier "An impressive exposon how terrorists and non-state actors outmanoeuvre conventional militaries. [Kilcullen] has a commanding view of a geopolitical landscape.

" --Financial Times "Kilcullen argues persuasively that while the United States has been mired down in forever wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, our current and potential adversaries have gotten the jump on us. His book offers readers a skillfully annotated road map of contemporary conflict, describing in clear, measured prose how and why the days of American strategic and military preeminence are now behind us."--Daily Beast "Kilcullen's The Dragons and the Snakes is a timely invitation for the West to get its strategic house in order with some new thinking."--The Bridge "An incisive work that has deservedly garnered a great deal of attention and is likely to be of enduring importance in debates about the decline of Western power."--RealClearDefense "The Dragons and the Snakes is the best single piece out there-concise, well-written, and nuanced. It is both a timely introduction to the topic for the unfamiliar and a source of new discoveries and insights for the expert; an important book during changing times."--PRISM "Thanks to Kilcullen's serious military experience, access to policymakers, thorough research, and eclectic academic interests, this Australian scholar has become one of the sharpest commentators on modern conflicts."--Foreign Affairs.

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