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  • Dot in the Universe
    by Ellmann, Lucy

    Dot used to think she was perfect, with her pointy nose, pink skin and blonde
    hair. But now she lives on Abalone Avenue with a husband who chases women and
    swordfish. And she has a rather icky Fatal Flaw. And the universe doesn't give a
    damn! So DOT decides to End It All. Will death be fast? Slow? EMBARRASING? But
    despite her valiant suicide by tea cosy followed by a jaunt to the morgue, DOT
    wakes up...
    Dot in the Universe
  • Purity : A Novel
    by Jackson, Arthur

    In a remote part of Pennsylvania, an elderly woman allows a man and the small
    child accompanying him to fish on her property. Less than twenty four hours
    later, she is dead. A chemist for a multi-national corporation is killed in an
    isolated park, by the security chief of an American paramilitary group. His home
    is broken into by a top Chinese agent and his wife forcibly interrogated with
    truth serum. A group of Middle Eastern terrorists attempt to kidnap the Director
    of Human resources for the same corporation in a roadside park. The forces of
    cultural, racial, and religious purity clash in pursuit of the ultimate
    technical purity. Attorney James Ellis is drawn into this curious mix of
    technology and violence, when he stumbles into the attempted kidnapping of the
    corporation's Human Resources manager, while on his way to meet a client, an old
    friend of his wife's. This chance encounter will embroil him in events, which
    lead from the streets of Cairo, Egypt, to the gleaming towers of Dallas, Texas.
    Before it is over, he will learn the price for underestimating the intelligence
    and resolve of international terrorists. The cost is more than he imagined.
    Purity : A Novel
  • Tactics
    by Higashiyama, Kazuko

    Printed "Manga-style" in the authentic Japanese right-to-left format.
  • Glory Road
    by Heinlein, Robert A.

    When "Scar" Gordon read a personals ad promising "very high pay, glorious
    adventure, great danger", with physical requirements, except for the part about
    being "handsome", that fit him to a T, he answered it, and was interviewed by an
    Amazon in a lab coat who hired him on the spot. Soon Scar, in company with the
    most beautiful woman he'd ever met, was off on that Glory Road.
    Glory Road
  • Sonja : Growing up on the Prairie
    by Saiter, Norma J.

    Take a trip back to 1938, to the "olden" days, with Sonja. Discover what it was
    like to attend school with students from first to eighth grade in one room with
    one teacher. Learn about living on the eastern Colorado plains miles from other
    people without electricity or running water. Sense Sojna's fear as she dodges
    rattlesnakes. Feel her love for the abandoned lamb she raises. Laugh with her as
    Daddy squirts milk into her mouth while he's milking a cow. Share her concern as
    she helps Daddy rescue a freezing calf. Picture her wonder when Grandpa takes
    her to an old-fashioned general store. Feel her frosty nose when they go to the
    icehouse. Predict the trouble she's in when she "drives" the pickup into a
    fence. Marvel in the stories Grandma tells her about growing up in Sweden and
    her fear when Daddy tells her about getting shot at by thieves. Enjoy the
    changing of seasons as Sonja celebrates an old-fashioned Christmas, fears a
    raging blizzard, and welcomes the greening of the prairie in spring. Imagine
    Sonja's feelings as she looks forward to having fun during summer vacation and
    then have it destroyed when her best friend gives her bad news.
    Sonja : Growing up on the Prairie
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