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  • Mutiny on the Bounty
    by Boyne, John

    December 23, 1787, Portsmouth. A 14-year-old boy, John Jacob Turnstile, has got
    into trouble with the police on one too many occasions and is on his way to
    prison when an offer is put to him - a ship has been refitted over the last few
    months and is about to set sail with an important mission. The boy who was
    expected to serve as the captain's personal valet has been injured and a
    replacement must be found immediately. The deal is struck and he finds himself
    onboard, meeting the captain, just as the ship sets sail. The ship is HMS
    Bounty, the captain is William Bligh, and their destination is Tahiti. Mutiny on
    the Bounty is the first novel to explore all the events relating to the Bounty's
    voyage, from their long journey across the ocean to their adventures on the
    island of Tahiti and the subsequent 48 day expedition towards Timor. A vivid
    recreation of the famous mutiny, the story is packed with humour, violence and
    historical detail, while presenting a very different portrait of Captain Bligh
    and Mr Christian than has ever been shown before. A brick of a book - well
    researched, accessible and a brilliant read. Told from the point of view of a 14
    year old boy and the naivety that comes with that, this has more similarities
    with Boy in Striped Pyjamas than one would expect despite the fact that it is
    written for the adult market. John spoke of this when at last year's Storylines
    Festival, so fans will be awaiting it eagerly.
    Mutiny on the Bounty
  • Lovers and Liars
    by Cox, Josephine

    Enterprise governance of IT is a relatively new concept that is gaining traction
    in both the academic and practitioner worlds. Going well beyond the
    implementation of a superior IT infrastructure, enterprise governance of IT is
    about defining and embedding processes and structures throughout the
    organizations that enable both business and IT people to execute their
    responsibilities, while maximizing the value created from their IT-enabled
    investments. At the forefront of the field, the authors draw from years of
    research and advising corporate clients to present the first comprehensive
    resource on the topic. Featuring numerous case examples from companies around
    the world, the book integrates theoretical advances and empirical data with
    practical application, including in-depth discussion of such frameworks as COBIT
    and VALIT, which are used to measure and audit the value of IT investments and
    ensuring regulatory compliance. A variety of elements, including executive
    summaries and sidebars, extensive references, and questions and activities (with
    additional materials available on-line) ensure that the book will be an
    essential resource for professionals, researchers, and students alike. "At last
    we have a solidly research-based text on the enterprise governance of IT that
    successfully fuses business and IT perspectives. With its emphasis on the
    creation of business value, and on the use of relevant metrics, this book offers
    a distinctive view of these key processes. The authors, whose reputation and
    experience in the field is second to none, have created a guide to the strategic
    management of IT that will be an essential source for managers." Professor James
    W. Bryant Centre for Individual & Organisational Development Sheffield Hallam
    University United Kingdom "IT governance is a hot topic today and this book
    provides a wealth of practical and useful information. Regardless of whether you
    are concerned about compliance issues, or worried about the alignment of your IT
    investment with the corporate goals, this book will provide guidance to assist
    your efforts. As well as academic models and practice oriented frameworks such
    as CobiT, Val-IT and balanced scorecard, the volume includes recent case studies
    illustrating how the concepts and frameworks are applied in real life companies.
    I strongly recommend this book to Corporate and IT Managers as well as MBA and
    IT Graduate students." Aileen Cater-Steel, Ph.D Senior Lecturer (Information
    Systems) School of Information Systems University of Southern Queensland
    Lovers and Liars
  • Girl on a Stick
    by Bryson, Kathleen

    A floating blue apparition of the Virgin Mary - that's what Clementine Logan,
    jaded American, sees from the window of her No. 38 bus in London. This is the
    first in a series of alarming religious visions, tiggered by her new
    relationship with fellow foreigner Per, a green-eyed Norwegian undergraduate.
    Girl on a Stick
  • Heartbreak and Passion
    by West, Gina

    Sarah thought to herself as she slid into a pair of faded jeans and navy blue
    shirt. Glancing in the mirror, she noticed how age was catching up to her with
    her blonde hair showing silver tints and her blue eyes had lost the sparkle they
    once had.Just as Ethan came to the crossroads he noticed that an oncoming
    vehicle wasn't going to stop at the sign. Before he could clear the other
    automobile, it crushed the driver's side door pinning him inside and before he
    knew it, there was gas leaking all around.
    Heartbreak and Passion
  • Chorus of Redemption
    by Moore, Bonnie

    Chorus of Redemption presents a cautionary tale relating one man’s journey
    into marriage. Illness lands Evan in the hospital, and he starts to feel as if
    his life has spiraled out of control. As he navigates the peaks and valleys of
    his condition, disturbing details emerge about his wife’s handling of their
    business. The concluding pages reveal an elaborate scheme to ascertain the depth
    of her deception. Evan faces a daunting choice and exits the story with a sense
    of starting over. The story captures the imagination and enlightens the reader
    with the knowledge that evil can lurk inside what should be the sanctity of
    marriage. Evan turns to the Bible to find solace. He finds the ability to
    forgive and initiates the process of recovery that changes the lives of his
    Chorus of Redemption
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