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  • The Sacrifice in the Roman Camp Woods : The Sacrifice
    by Ferguson, M.

    Heath is a young Victorian detective, 1890, trying to solve the case of a
    missing girl in the countryside near the small town of Dalkeith, Midlothian,
    Scotland. Others go missing, a witness is murdered and an evil sect is
    discovered. He is suspicious of some of his colleages but finds help in
    unexpected places. Two women interest him and a third brings back memories of
    his hard childhood in an orphanage. Can he save the girls from a terrible fate?
    The Sacrifice in the Roman Camp Woods : The Sacrifice
  • I Say No
    by Collins, Wilkie

    Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and
    before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing
    these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the
    original text and artwork.
    I Say No
  • Men's Wives
    by Thackeray, William Makepeace

    William Makepeace Thackeray was born in 1811 in Calcutta of Anglo-Indian
    parents. He was educated at English private schools and Cambridge but left
    without a degree. European travel was cut short by the loss of most of
    Thackeray's inheritance in 1833 in Indian bank failures, upon which he decided
    to make his living as a painter. Returning to London in 1837, he found himself
    with two young daughters and an insane wife by 1840 and forced to write for a
    living. Most of his early output was reviews, sketches, comic items or short
    serials for magazines, often under pseudonyms. His first novel, Barry Lyndon,
    was serialised in 1844, and Thackeray also published three travel books in the
    1840s. His satiric vein and discontent with contemporary fictional norms led to
    his first major novel, Vanity Fair, in 1847, followed by a handful of other
    major novels over the next dozen years which turned from satiric to historical.
    Published lectures on the new field of English literature led to tours of the
    United States from 1852 and The Virginians, a novel set partly in America.
    Thackeray was a founding editor of the literary journal The Cornhill Magazine in
    1859, but resigned due to ill-health in 1862, though his last works were
    published in the journal. He died in 1863.
    Men's Wives
  • The Lord of the Millet
    by , Cindian, Cindian

    'œA body lay amidst the evidence of a ship's wreckage on the beach, garbed in
    clothes that were mere rags torn at his back. He wore the scars of another more
    brutal time. He lacked boots, and his feet were bloodied. At his hip he wore the
    sword of a leader of men.'It is an age old story.The Kingdom of Gler is
    oppressed by a tyrant who raises some to positions of power, so long as they
    help him maintain his control, and submits all others to pain and punishment so
    that they may never rise against him. The rightful King is off on some religious
    crusade in a far away land, and there is no one left to counter the
    tyrannyexcept for a stranger, a boy, an old man andthe Lord of the Millet.
    The Lord of the Millet
  • Judy
    by Bailey, Temple

    A classic American novel from the prolific best-selling American novelist and
    short story writer.
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