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  • Tricked
    by Robinson, Alex

    Alex Robinson has written and illustrated several graphic novels, including Too
    Cool to Be Forgotten , Box Office Poison , Tricked , and Our Expanding Universe
    . He and his work have won several industry awards, including the prestigious
    Eisner Award and prize for best debut in Angouleme, France. Space considerations
    prevent us from listing the awards Robinson has lost, unfortunately. He lives in
    New York City with his wife and their pets, and hopes to have another book out
  • Realms of the Shadows
    by Lambert, Anne

    Arola wakes from another terrible nightmare, the shadows shifting restlessly
    above her, waiting for their chance to claim a new victim. Iolet, driven by a
    desperate, yearning need, braves the shadows to climb Widow's Peak, the highest
    and most perilous cliff she knows. They are sisters who have never met, living
    half a world apart, about to be drawn into a conflict that will forever alter
    their lives. Lumina, dark and sultry, is as cold inside as she is exotic
    without. Escaping from a desperate past, she, with the aid of her goddess,
    Quadrini, is bent of world domination. The strife centers around control of an
    earth crystal defended by the Circle. It's a winner takes all situation--there
    are no half measures. Iolet and Arola, with elder members of the Circle, aligned
    against Lumina, and only one faction will live to tell the tale. Iolet, Arola
    and Teria, Iolet's fianc and heir to Horizon Isle, come of age in the battle to
    protect the Crystal and their way of life.
    Realms of the Shadows
  • The Complete Dick Tracy 1941-42
    by Gould, Chester

    Volume Seven contains over 500 "Dick Tracy" comic strips from the series' early
    years, this time covering material that originally ran from January 1941 through
    June 1942. Also included is an introduction by Max Allan Collins, as well as the
    third historical feature from J.C. Vaughn looking at the evolution of Tracy
    merchandise. -The Library of American Comics is the world's #1 publisher of
    classic newspaper comic strips, with 14 Eisner Award nominations and three wins
    for best book. LOAC has become "the gold standard for archival comic strip
    reprints...The research and articles provide insight and context, and most
    importantly the glorious reproduction of the material has preserved these strips
    for those who knew them and offers a new gateway to adventure for those
    discovering them for the first time." - Scoop
    The Complete Dick Tracy 1941-42
  • The Merchants of Chaos
    by Ralpapajan

    A novel in 1978 a small contingent of Rhodesian Air Force pilots ferried 18
    Cessna 337G air planes to the beleaguered country from Europe. This event, which
    has never been published, has formed the basis for a story of how a group of
    pilots are able to ferry similar sized planes to South Africa to interrupt the
    investiture of the first black president of the Republic.
    The Merchants of Chaos
  • Black Light Rising
    by Rudder, Michael

    Shortly after the parliament of Barbados enacts a bill to extend its country's
    maritime boundaries to preserve dwindling fish stock, an island arises out of
    the ocean, within the new boundaries. The emergence of this island precipitates
    a diplomatic crisis involving the US, the UK, France, Barbados, Trinidad and
    Tobago, and India. Amid the politicking and espionage, the island begins to
    exhibit some strange properties: a powerful force of energy beyond anything the
    world has ever witnessed - Black Light - that plays havoc with the instruments
    of planes and boats that get too close. But the political wrangling soon takes a
    back seat when two nuclear submarines, an American and a Russian, crash into one
    another on the island. The politicians, military personnel and spymasters of the
    countries at odds over the new island suddenly must work together to remove the
    subs before the island's energy causes a nuclear disaster.
    Black Light Rising
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